Operation steps of thermal conductivity meter

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Operation steps of conductivity meter

3 turn the calibration and measurement switch K2 to the calibration position

4 turn on the power switch K and preheat for several minutes, adjust the correction regulator RW3 to make the pointer on the full scale

5 turn the high cycle and low cycle switch K3 to the appropriate gear

6 turn the range selection switch R1 to the appropriate gear

7 adjust the electrode constant regulator RW2 to make it correspond to the constant of the electrode used (this is equivalent to adjusting the electrode constant to increase the iron ore futures market. If it is not necessary to use 1, the conductivity of the measured solution is numerically equal to the conductivity of the solution)

8 after washing the electrode with a small amount of solution to be tested, insert its plug into the current socket KX of the electrode and immerse it in the solution to be tested

9 after adjusting the correction regulator RW3 to full scale, turn the correction and measurement switch K2 to the measurement position. Read the indicator number of the gauge needle and multiply it by the multiple indicated by the range selection switch R1, that is, because of the conductivity of this solution, it is impossible to obtain the maximum load Pb, so the strength limit can not be obtained σ b。 Repeat the measurement once and take the average value

10 turn the calibration and measurement switch K2 to the calibration position and take out the electrode

11 after measurement, disconnect the power supply. After the electrodes are washed with deionized water, dip them into deionized water for standby

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