Operation specifications for the processing and sa

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Operating specifications for the processing and sales of cooked and stewed food products

employees must hold valid health certificates; When engaging in the operation of processing and sales posts, they should wear clean light colored work clothes and hats; Maintain personal hygiene, do not leave long nails, do not paint nail polish, do not wear accessories; Wash hands and disinfect when contacting with the stewed cooked food. When selling the stewed cooked food, change clothes and wear a mouth mask

III. layout and process of function rooms

the layout and process of each function room in the food production and operation site should meet the food safety requirements when the processing technology and its mixing gap are 105% to 210% higher than the specified value in the product drawing. It should be arranged in the order of ingredients, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and relatively independent special rooms should be set up conditionally. The walls and partitions of processing and sales sites must be tiled to the top; The ground should be paved with waterproof, anti-skid, easy to wash, corrosion-resistant and non-toxic floor tiles; The ceiling needs to be made of waterproof and easy to clean materials; All places are set indoors

then mix the two evenly and add additives to suppress them. Fourth, processed cooked food and stewed products should meet the following requirements

1 The processing process should be arranged from raw materials to finished products, from the sewage area to the cleaning area. The site should be easy to clean and disinfect to avoid cross contamination

2. It is forbidden to rinse or soak cooked white embryos with water for cooling

3. Cooked food should be cooked thoroughly, cooled and knife changed in the cooked food room with dust and fly prevention facilities

4. Containers and tools in contact with cooked food should be strictly disinfected before use, with obvious signs. Raw and cooked food should be strictly separated, cleaned and disinfected after use, and kept properly

v. the sale of cooked and stewed food products shall meet the following requirements:

1 The quality of cooked food should be strictly checked before selling it. Special tools for food should be used to pick up the goods, and the payment for goods should be separated

2. The cooked food and brine sales area should be equipped with air conditioners, UV lamps and thermometers, and the temperature should be kept below 25 ℃

3. The stewed flavor of cooked food in bulk shall not exceed 4 hours. If it exceeds the time, it shall be returned to the furnace for processing; Cooked food in other cities must be refrigerated and sold after being fully reheated

4. Containers and tools for containing stewed cooked food must use special containers and tools for food, and should be cleaned and disinfected every day. Food should not be stored on the ground

5. There should be facilities for hand washing, refrigeration and disinfection in the cooked food and halogen room, and measures should be taken to prevent flies, rats and cockroaches

6. The food packaging materials used shall meet the food safety requirements

7. The stewed flavor of cooked food must be stored and sold in the cooked food room, and it is forbidden to move to the cooked food room to sell outside the stall

8. When selling cooked and stewed food products, eye-catching signs should be posted at the place to remind consumers to eat after heating

VI. the ingredients and raw materials purchased and used shall meet the following requirements

1 The raw materials and viscera of pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and other poultry and livestock purchased need to obtain the inspection and quarantine certificate

2. When purchasing and using food, food raw materials, food auxiliary materials and food packaging materials, the business license and permit (copy) of the production enterprise and business unit and the product inspection certificate shall be obtained

accelerate the pace of technological innovation

3 The identification and label of food, food raw materials and food accessories in stereotyped packaging shall meet the current food safety requirements

4. The raw materials must be subject to quality acceptance. The harmful glands must be removed and cleaned before processing

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