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Opinions on the structural adjustment and development of the paper industry in Hebei Province during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" (I)

I. The basic situation of the paper industry in Hebei Province in 2004. There were about 550 paper enterprises in Hebei Province, and the total output of the whole society was about 4.5 million tons. In 2004, 202 enterprises entered the unified management system, with an output of 3.13 million tons, accounting for about 70% of the province's output, and the output value of 11 billion yuan was improperly operated. Its income 94. 800 million, achieving profits and taxes of 8. 2.8 billion yuan, with output value, industrial added value, sales revenue, profits and taxes accounting for about 10% of the province's industry. There are about 60000 employees in the paper industry in the province, including about 3000 engineering and technical personnel. Among the paper-making enterprises in Hebei Province, there are many small enterprises and few large enterprises. There are 10 companies with more than 100000 tons, 18 companies with more than 10000 tons, 60 companies with more than 10000 tons, only Fanya Longteng and Chengde Xingye with more than 300000 tons, and 2 companies with more than 200000 tons, Sanlian and Yongxin paper. The scale of paper-making enterprises in Hebei Province is out of balance, and the average scale is small. The average scale of the whole society is 6, causing an impact of 100 tons. The annual scale of enterprises entering the unification is 137000 tons, and the scale of non unification and private enterprises is about 4000 tons. The raw material of Hebei Province is mainly wheat straw, and the advantage is also wheat straw, but the scale can not meet the requirements, and the alkali recovery has not increased. Environmental protection is a serious problem. Ten cultural paper enterprises in the original system went bankrupt or closed down one after another, cutting straw pulp and making paper with a scale of about 1.2 million tons. Cotton stalk is also a major advantage of Hebei. According to the requirements of rational utilization of non wood fibers. In recent years, it has not been developed and utilized enough. Resources are in the stage of development. The South Dagang management area of reed is the distribution center of reed in the north. The state has approved another 100000 mu of wetlands. At present, there is no enterprise using reed paper in the province. Cangzhou is now planning to strive for a breakthrough in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". After the implementation of the forestry paper integration project. At present, it is still in the planning and operation stage. 13 projects preferred by the country. There is no one in Hebei Province. Hengshui Jinguang paper and Funing construction investment, which have been reported to the national development and Reform Commission, are under approval. The task of accelerating the adjustment of the raw material structure of the paper industry in Hebei Province is still arduous. It can be seen from the above situation that Hebei Province is a big province in the paper industry, but it is not a strong province. However, great changes have taken place in Hebei paper industry in recent years. 2、 Characteristics and development trend of Hebei paper industry in 2004 2004 was an extraordinary year in the history of Hebei paper industry. There are mainly the following achievements and characteristics: (1) build a brand of Hebei paper industry to confirm whether the notch processing of the tested impact sample is qualified, so that Hebei paper industry enters the fast lane of reform and development. 1. Build an annual output of 300000 tons of paper project of Hebei Fanya Longteng paper Industry Co., Ltd.: meet the requirements of large investment scale, high single machine output, good product quality and advanced equipment level. The test run was successful in May this year. The speed has reached 1800 m/min. It should be said that Hebei paper industry is proud. It broke the situation of no paper mill in North China. The production ceremony on September 26 is a major breakthrough in the history of Hebei paper industry. 2. Build Chengde Xingye aircraft carrier with an annual output of 1million tons of northern paper: on the basis of the current 500000 tons, another 620000 tons of production capacity will be formed. Although the project encountered some obstacles and problems, Xingye still unswervingly moved forward. The current two lines have been basically installed. 3. Build a base of household paper in China. Mancheng paper industry park is now more standardized, large-scale, characteristic and standardized in management, facing a market of 250million people in the north. A solid step has been taken. 4. Build a 150000 ton Kraft linerboard project for Xianghe Yinxiang paper industry. Expand and strengthen the chain industry. That is, the production of paperboard, printing and packaging have formed the characteristics of Xianghe Gaoshi group. For lack of cash. Looking for a partner. 5. Create an alkali recovery project for straw alkaline pulping of Hengshui Jinguang paper industry. Lay a firm foundation for the integration of forestry and paper. Unswervingly take the road of forest paper integration. Accelerate the adjustment of papermaking raw material structure in Hebei Province. 6. Create a brand of Hebei special paper and special pulp. Always maintain the dominant position of its special paper. Baoding Xingji print base paper. Basically, it accounts for 1/2 of the national total market. Baixiang Fengyuan special flax pulp. It accounts for 1/2 of the total world demand. Maintain the dominant position. The idea we put forward in 2003 has basically taken shape. And the packaging paper base in Baixiang County appeared in forklift. Yutian packaging paper base. It shows that the paper industry in our province has made great efforts for two years. With new development, it is developing in the direction of large-scale, high-grade products, modernization of technical equipment and cleaner production. (2) Leading the involvement of foreign capital and foreign industries, the development of Hebei paper design plastic mold industry meets new strategic opportunities and challenges. 2004 is an extraordinary year in the development history of Hebei paper industry. It is a year that has really taken gratifying steps. It is also a very exciting year for the paper industry. Outstanding performance in the following characteristics: 1. Hebei paper introduced the most foreign and domestic capital in the year. How to solve the problem of paper industry development and improve their competitiveness, the capital problem is a major bottleneck in the development of paper industry. In 2004, Hebei paper industry should be said to have made a great breakthrough. (1) Hebei Longteng and Singapore Pan Asia have jointly utilized US $32.6 billion of foreign capital, which has been completed and put into operation. (2) Chengde Xingye and Japan restrict the joint 620000 ton high-end cultural paper project. The utilization of foreign capital is billion yen. About 3. US $500million. (3) The 10000 ton flax pulp project of Hong Kong Fengyuan special paper has started construction. (4) Xinhe County Global Paper Co., Ltd. The overall relocation project of Tianjin paper mill was approved. Construction is only to be started. (5) Tianjin Xiangda Real Estate Co., Ltd. is actively engaged in the 10 million ton high-strength corrugated base paper project, and is currently positioning its location

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