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Liquid wallpaper hit the Wuyi coating market in Jiangmen

liquid wallpaper hit the Wuyi coating market in Jiangmen

September 21, 2005

"we are very confident in our products." Wu, general manager of Jiangmen general agent of Songyu liquid wallpaper coating Co., Ltd., said that although Songyu liquid wallpaper coating is a new technology, it was only at the end of last year that a regional agent was opened in Jiangmen. The publicity in Jiangmen is insufficient and the popularity is relatively low, but he believes that with the product quality of Songyu liquid wallpaper coating, it is only a matter of time to open the Jiangmen market

it is understood that the Sino Korean joint venture Songyu brand liquid powder material wallpaper is a new type of environmental protection interior wall decoration paint produced by South Korea's high-tech. It combines the advantages of latex paint and wallpaper, overcomes the characteristics of ordinary latex paint, such as single color, no layering, easy discoloration, edge warping, blistering, seams, short service life and so on. It allows rich and colorful base colors to be combined with different patterns, resulting in ever-changing patterns, The colorful effect makes the monotonous wall full of three-dimensional feeling and flowing feeling. General manager Wu said that Songyu brand liquid wallpaper was only launched in 2002. Last year, the sales volume in Shenzhen reached more than 5 million, and by August this year, the sales volume in Shenzhen had reached 4million

such a rapid growth rate is unexpected. However, general manager Wu believes that "this has something to do with the characteristics of Songyu brand liquid wallpaper 'environmental protection, fashion and high-end'". In the era when people pay more and more attention to the home environment and talk about pollution and dyeing, Songyu brand liquid wallpaper pursues environmental protection in terms of materials. The raw materials, additives and colors are free of heavy metals, aromatic stems and aldehydes. It is the first paint product in the world that does not add lead and mercury. It has won the "merit award" of the most stringent environmental protection mark award in South Korea for three consecutive years. In March, 2004, the China Environmental Labeling Certification Commission inspected and published the results. The TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) of Songyu "liquid wallpaper" series products was only 5g/L, which was more than 20 times higher than the new "ten ring" environmental protection standard in China

in addition, "the personalization of products before the 1980s is also our advantage." General manager Wu said that "breaking through the traditional plain colors and painting the only true colors" is one of the characteristics of the brand. In addition to the company's introduction of flower patterns with different styles, they can also customize various personalized patterns for customers according to their different needs, such as the brand logos and trademark patterns of major companies, so as to meet the personalized needs of customers to the greatest extent. In addition to the "liquid wallpaper, cup protrusion experiment, zigzag experiment, etc", the brand also launched three professional series of wallpapers, "silk" and "dream angel". Among them, the "dream angel" series is under the ordinary light source with high cost of this kind of fixture. The picture is invisible without any trace. Turning on the purple light lamp will show a colorful picture and a dreamlike visual effect beyond time and space. "Consumers can specify the picture themselves, and it's OK to put the wedding photo on the wall."

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