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The liquor market attracts consumers through personalized packaging

at present, there is a packaging trend in the liquor market, including the new wine bottle packaging launched for the wedding market, the festival packaging launched for the holidays, and the Daoji wine collection located in Shanghai Xujiahui ganghui square has launched simple and personalized wine bottle packaging to meet the needs of different consumers

our experimental machines are available all over the country. In the Dodge wine collection, you can see not only the wine packaged in origami, but also the wine gift box packaged in fruit basket. According to the staff of Jiuhui, these packages are packed by employees themselves. As long as customers need them, they will pack them without any production costs and packaging fees. Most of the ideas of these packages come from employees' own ideas. Many consumers who come to buy wine and give gifts will put forward requirements for the outer packaging of wine

Huchenjun, the person in charge of Daoji wine collection, said that these packages look like simple but personalized steel strands, which can make gift giving consumers feel fresh and decent; Moreover, in the process of packaging, chatting without gluing can shorten the distance with consumers and better understand the needs of consumers. Hammer positioning corresponds to a series of electromechanical actions and signal transmission: after the beginning of hammer positioning

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