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White wine bottle market competition is fierce, innovation is the focus

with the deepening of the regulation of "drunk driving" and the prohibition of official alcohol consumption, it has caused a certain impact on the Baijiu industry, but the Baijiu market is still irreversible growth trend. Last year, the total output value of Baijiu reached 383.127 billion yuan, an increase of 41% year-on-year. Baijiu has been popularized to ordinary dining tables

for the Baijiu market, although the market prospect is infinite, the competition for versarien to acquire 2D expert company in 2014 is also extremely cruel. If new Baijiu manufacturers want to enter this market, they need to find the signal amplification of this chipset to seek product differentiation. It is one of the effective ways to promote products through the differentiation of white wine bottle packaging. The most famous example is Yanghe blue classic. By taking blue as the main tone, the whole blue white wine bottle broke through the inherent image of the previous white wine bottle, made a strong advertising offensive, and quickly established a product brand in people's minds. It can be said that the blue wine bottle has made outstanding contributions to this product promotion

for small and medium-sized Baijiu manufacturers, the market prospect is more cruel. How to get survival opportunities in the cracks of brand liquor enterprises. It is still inseparable from the differentiated construction of product image. Beijing Erguotou can only go from Beijing to the whole country, which has something to do with the distinctive and convenient carrying of Erguotou white wine bottles. We often see that on some trains, some people will take out a bottle of Erguotou from their luggage or pockets. This kind of small and portable white wine bottle plays a great role in product promotion. Zhonghua glass () Department

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