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Liquid styrene is suspected to have carcinogens.

styrene is a liquid that can be chemically created with polystyrene, showing different properties. This is a solid plastic, ACC explained in a blog post

Washington - a 3-year-old federal agency ruled that liquid styrene may have carcinogens, according to the latest review

it is basically derived from previous research. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released the document of the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in June 2011 last week

the committee wrote the original report and found "limited but reliable" evidence of carcinogenic effect from styrene in human research, "enough" evidence from animal experiments and "convincing relevant information" research to observe that human cell DN is exposed to styrene through professional, market-oriented, international and brand-name operation a damage. According to NAS, the committee reached the same conclusion after a peer review of 12 carcinogens from 2011 and an independent assessment of styrene literature from the past few years, through November 2013

at least two studies on plastic workers' exposure to styrene published in 2013 concluded that there was no link between cancer and styrene exposure, even at high doses

the shock wave of the original report worked with part of the company's plastic industry to change its own material data sheet and strengthen the protection of employees, while promoting the science behind the congressional review decision

"consumers do not take risks from styrene products. Officials of the National Toxicology planning office confirmed the safety of styrene based products when including carcinogens in 2011 in their reports," said Jack Snyder, executive director of SIRC. "The styrene industry has invested more than $25million to promote scientific styrene and meet our product management tasks. We believe that the current research progress will be expanded in the report of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the data is considered to be future styrene and provide more robust information risk and risk assessment"

"In view of the recent National Academy of Sciences on styrene, it is important to point out that federal regulators have not changed their view that polystyrene packaging is a safe food service. The U.S. Food and drug administration, which is responsible for the scientific review and approval of food contact applications, has determined for more than 50 years that polystyrene is safe for use in food service products. The European Commission/European food safety agency and other regulators have reached an agreement A similar conclusion is drawn, "ACC said in a statement.

in addition to being a key part in the production of polystyrene, colorless liquid styrene is also used in the manufacture of rubber tires, building insulation, carpet bottoms and glass fiber reinforced composites, which naturally exist in many foods, such as strawberries and cinnamon.

although many consumer groups quickly mix to achieve constant speed loading, constant speed deformation and constant speed displacement experiments, transparent liquid benzene is confused in many places about these items Aim "1 coax up"; In some regions, the industrial structure of excess ethylene and polystyrene foams is used for manufacturing. The styrene Information Research Center (SIRC) and the American Chemical Council (ACC) calmly pointed out that the new report basically means that nothing has changed since 2011

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