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List for ten consecutive years! ZhuoBao was rated as the "top 500 preferred supplier of China's real estate development enterprises"

listed for ten consecutive years! ZhuoBao was rated as the "top 500 preferred supplier of Chinese real estate development enterprises"

March 17, 2021

on March 16, 2021, the 2021 China real estate TOP500 evaluation results conference and real estate summit forum were held in the Shanghai center garden auditorium, and the 2021 China real estate development enterprise comprehensive strength TOP500 preferred supplier evaluation research report was announced at the meeting. ZhuoBao technology won two awards in one fell swoop: 2021, the top 500 comprehensive strength of Chinese real estate development enterprises, the preferred supplier brand of waterproof materials for real estate enterprises and coating, decoration and insulation integrated panels

ZhuoBao won two awards this time, which not only represents the recognition and support of customers for ZhuoBao's high-quality products and services, but also the expectation and optimism for the future development of ZhuoBao paint. At the same time, ZhuoBao technology has been listed in the top 10 list of "top 500 real estate enterprises' preferred supplier brands · waterproof materials" for ten consecutive years! For three consecutive years, it was shortlisted in the list of "paint decorative insulation integrated board"

as one of the authoritative and influential industry evaluation activities in China, the brand evaluation of the TOP500 preferred supplier service provider of the comprehensive strength of Chinese real estate development enterprises aims to objectively analyze the service ability of suppliers in the real estate engineering market according to the requirements of high-quality development, and provide authoritative basis for the procurement and selection of development enterprises. Over the past 12 years, the "TOP500 preferred supplier evaluation" system has gradually begun to modernize and improve China's economy. This evaluation set up five processes: enterprise research, on-site evaluation, expert nomination, third-party institutions and network voting to ensure the authority and impartiality of the evaluation results

in recent years, ZhuoBao technology, based on its significant competitive advantage in participating in the production of conduit, focuses on waterproof, focuses on green buildings, and has established long-term strategic cooperation with country garden, Evergrande group, poly development, huaxinian and other well-known real estate development enterprises. It is committed to "contributing impervious waterproof projects to the society and caring for human poetic dwellings", and has helped to build Qingchuan mansion, Wuhan country garden The heavy fulcrum (knife edge) O connects the swing rod, OC qinghengda oasis, Shenzhen Xinghe development center, Guangxi zhangtai Lanqiao SHENGFEI and other classic projects

if we walk with the excellent, we will become better. ZhuoBao will always adhere to the unremitting pursuit of "high quality" and continue to create value for customers

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