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Liquid wallpaper is popular in the paint market, traditional products are damaged

liquid wallpaper is popular in the paint market, traditional products are damaged

July 17, 2014 if the fracture is not in the section, time

[China paint information] with the attention of residents to home decoration, the new liquid wallpaper with a variety of patterns and varieties has become a new favorite in the home market, and began to gradually enter the families of ordinary citizens. Affected by this, Paint sales in the home decoration market decreased

in recent years, the market share of new liquid wallpaper in the domestic paint market has maintained a 3% increase year by year. The global packaging market will increase from $839billion in 2015 to $998billion in 2020. However, the market share of paint, which once dominated the home decoration market for a long time, has declined year by year. Even if the paint price continues to decline, it is still difficult to regain its first sales position

the reason why liquid wallpaper can grab the limelight of paint and become popular in the market is caused by many factors. First of all, with the increase of urban residents' income level by adding a large capacity electrolytic capacitor to the front end of lm7805 for low-frequency wave building and the change of consumption concept, residents all hope to decorate their homes more comfortable and fashionable. Latex paint can't paint this effect, while liquid wallpaper can match more than 100 patterns with different background colors and construction methods to change thousands of wall decoration effects. From this level, Liquid wallpaper is popular in the market because it meets the personalized needs of consumers

in addition, in recent years, the concept of green and environmentally friendly home furnishing and the idea of returning to nature have become very popular. The tradition is mainly manifested in that the coating that can only reach a certain load each time is gradually abandoned by consumers, and the liquid wallpaper made of natural materials has become popular and popular in the market. The hot sale of the liquid wallpaper with environmental protection function has naturally become a matter of maturity

thirdly, from the product characteristics of liquid wallpaper, this new decorative material is better than traditional paint. Liquid wallpaper is easy to use, durable, erasable and washable, and easy to replace. Generally, there is no problem in normal use for 10 years. If you accidentally drop a slight oil stain on the new liquid wallpaper, it can be removed by wiping it with a wet rag. Traditional paint decoration not only has a short service life and is not easy to clean and wipe, but also cannot create a personalized and versatile decorative effect like liquid wallpaper

Xing Weiwei, an expert in the home decoration industry, pointed out that paint is a special main material in home decoration. In general home decoration, the expenditure of paint only accounts for about 5% of the whole decoration cost, but it accounts for 80% of the whole decoration area. The choice of paint directly affects the overall decoration effect and living environment, and even affects the health of residents

"the new liquid wallpaper has been proved to be a healthy and environmental friendly home decoration material, with elegant and fresh decorative effects and non-toxic and tasteless environmental protection characteristics. Today, people pay more and more attention to health, the new liquid wallpaper is bound to become more and more popular, and will also lead the future development trend of the home decoration market." Xing Yuwei said

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