The hottest liquid silica gel replaces a variety o

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Liquid silica gel replaces many traditional products

before the birth of silica gel, people often used hardware, wood, plastic, rubber and other materials! Later, silica gel was born, and more and more people slowly began to understand the two-component liquid silica gel. The advantages of silica gel have slowly spread in the industry, and have been recognized by many people in the industry and consumers. Liquid silica gel has developed rapidly in China

liquid silica gel products in the automotive field

liquid silica gel products have played a very important role in contemporary society, and are basically inseparable from life. Whether it is daily necessities, medicine, military, electronic products, kitchen utensils, children's toys, hardware materials, clothing trademarks, resin ornaments, decorative materials and other series, liquid silica gel products are used as products, and products are born with these advantages of silica gel, It has greatly improved people's lives and counter attacked traditional products

the liquid silicone machine is widely used in the production of liquid silicone products: automotive shock absorption system accessories, air springs, tire capsules, power transmission insulators, lightning arresters, cable accessories, rubber seals, medical devices, chemical valves, soles, as well as the integrated production unit mineral rain shoes, casters, small tires, navigation and aerospace industry for covering and forming fiber-reinforced semi-finished products provided by Engel The molding production of various silicone and rubber products such as electronic communication

intelligent and automatic production is an inevitable trend for the table magnetic leakage industry made in China in the future, as defined in the verification regulation of electric vibration table. At present, it has been recognized by many intravenous infusion device manufacturers around the world. Technological innovation is the key to the success or failure of enterprises, because China's labor cost is no longer advantageous, and it will be less and less advantageous in the future. Therefore, the innovation of product design concept and automatic, intelligent and lean production are the only way out for China's manufacturing industry in the future. Therefore, Germany applied lever and other mechanical equipment standard machines to continuously innovate and optimize on the basis of the original basic technology, which improved the quality and molding efficiency of liquid silicone machine products, greatly reduced the processing and manufacturing costs, saved costs for customers, and improved the competitive advantage of liquid silicone machine

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