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Integrating into economic globalization, Hangzhou will build an Asian Packaging Center

Hangzhou, China will build an Asian packaging center. At present, the company has recently signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Management Committee of Zhuhai Development Zone, and the master plan has been completed. The parties concerned hope that the project will become a new highlight of the development of tensile testing machines for China's packaging industry, which can also test the heat sealing strength

World Packaging Organization president Sergey, who integrates measurement, control, calculation and storage functions Haberfield said at the first China International Packaging Summit held a few days ago that after China's accession to the WTO, the Asian packaging center was established in China at the right time, which was a major event in the world packaging industry. He believes that the Asian packaging center will greatly promote and demonstrate the development of the packaging industry in China, Asia and the world in the future. These advantages make it an ideal material for aircraft structures

it is reported that the Asian packaging center will build a platform for China's packaging industry to integrate into economic globalization. Break the dispersion, closeness and regionality of the existing packaging industry, strengthen joint ventures and cooperation between domestic and international packaging enterprises worldwide, and promote the accelerated integration and competitiveness of China's packaging industry

Jin Xiangzuo, President of the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization and vice president of the China Packaging Technology Association, said that the Asian packaging center will become a hub for the distribution and radiation of people, logistics, information and capital flows driven by informatization. All packaging enterprises at home and abroad can gather here to complement each other's strengths, share opportunities and develop together

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