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Integrated ceiling "wind has come" lighting enterprises "can dance"

Abstract: relevant data show that the compound growth rate of the national integrated ceiling Market from 2012 to 2016 is more than 20%. It is estimated that the national integrated ceiling market capacity is expected to exceed 25 billion yuan by 2020, and the compound growth rate from 2015 to 2020 is expected to maintain 15%. For the majority of LED lighting enterprises, the integrated ceiling is "stand at the wind! Wait for the wind!"

relevant data shows that the computer system needs to complete a/d conversion, data calculation and waveform display of one or more data channels. The compound growth rate of the national integrated ceiling market scale from 2012 to 2016 is more than 20%. It is estimated that the national integrated ceiling market capacity is expected to exceed 25 billion yuan by 2020, and the compound growth rate from 2015 to 2020 is expected to maintain 15%. For the majority of LED lighting enterprises, the integrated ceiling is "stand at the wind! Wait for the wind!"

market outlook

integrated ceiling

the application field is gradually expanded

the market capacity is continuously rising

integrated ceiling is a combination of HUV metal square plate and electrical appliances, which is divided into gusset module, heating module, lighting module, ventilation module, etc. Nowadays, with the growing development of the integrated ceiling industry, the whole house ceiling, balcony ceiling, restaurant ceiling, living room ceiling, aisle ceiling, etc. have gradually become the mainstream of home decoration

it is reported that the integrated ceiling, after reasonable design, can meet the decoration needs of other home spaces and enter the overall home market. At present, the penetration rate of integrated ceiling in the upper space of the whole household such as the living room and dining room is very low. It has become an industry consensus to expand the scope of product application, and the potential space is large

with the national policy to vigorously promote the fine decoration of prefabricated buildings and residences, as well as the increasing demand for decoration of commercial space and public building space, the application field of integrated ceiling products is gradually expanding, which will support the rapid growth of the integrated ceiling industry for a long time

relevant data show that the compound growth rate of the scale of the national integrated ceiling Market from 2012 to 2016 exceeded 20%, and it is expected that the compound growth rate from 2017 to 2020 is expected to maintain 15%. The current market has not been fully developed, which has brought great opportunities for its further development

with the rapid development of the integrated ceiling Market and the further expansion of the development space of the integrated ceiling industry, and the gradual expansion from the market segment to the mass market, such as OPP lighting and Sanxiong aurora are accelerating the layout of the integrated ceiling Market in order to seize a larger market

in fact, many LED lighting enterprises have long made layout in the field of integrated ceiling, such as Philips, OPP lighting, Rex lighting, etc. they all develop integrated ceiling by subdividing the layout of fields. Therefore, for LED lighting enterprises, integrated ceiling has become a market that must be paid attention to

industry veterans said: "The way lighting enterprises do it is to thicken the viscosity of oil. The biggest advantage of integrated ceiling is' brand awareness'. The reason why OPP does well is that OPP has brand awareness, but it is not possible to succeed with brand awareness. There are also many lighting enterprises that fail to do integrated ceiling, because the operation mode is different. If enterprises with insufficient brand awareness and influence, I do not recommend blindly laying out integrated ceiling, because of the integration." After all, the ceiling is a very professional field, and it can't be done just by pasting a label. "

he also said, "The biggest difference between integrated ceiling and lighting is that integrated ceiling is a material, a semi-finished product, and lighting is a finished product. From integrated ceiling to users' homes, from design to installation, from exhibition hall experience to actual cases, these are difficult problems for dealers' design ability and service ability. Therefore, lighting enterprises must be fully prepared before entering the field of integrated ceiling, in product research and development and manufacturing, channel development and expansion, and brand Establish and promote "efforts" in many aspects. "

brand competition

Sanxiong Aurora

officially launched in May last year

the first integrated ceiling promotion meeting this year

recently, Sanxiong Aurora electrical business department held the "2017 integrated ceiling electrical products promotion and ordering meeting" in Xinyong Industrial Zone, Lanhe Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou. This is the first time Sanxiong Aurora has held an integrated ceiling promotion meeting, showing its determination to vigorously develop integrated ceiling electrical appliances and deeply cultivate channels. It is reported that there is a special "product experience area" at the promotion meeting, including fist products, first-time new products, real estate products, etc. Among them, some of the display products have not yet been officially launched, which makes the specially arrived guests "a feast for the eyes"

it is understood that in 2008, Sanxiong Aurora fully entered the field of electrical products and kitchen and bathroom products, and has launched a series of 2012 products such as ventilator, Yuba, integrated ceiling and low-voltage electrical appliances. After years of continuous innovation, rich product lines, excellent quality and considerate after-sales service have made Sanxiong Aurora achieve good results

in May 2016, Sanxiong Aurora officially launched the promotion of integrated ceiling appliance series, and then the sales of offices across the country made rapid progress. Sanxiong Aurora series integrated ceiling products have fully entered the hardbound projects of brand real estate enterprises, such as Vanke, Jindi real estate, R & F real estate, Zhongnan real estate, etc. The field of real estate hardbound houses is one of the main directions of Sanxiong Aurora electrical business department. As a national famous brand, "Sanxiong Aurora" has great advantages in this blue sea. Sanxiong Aurora said that at present, Sanxiong Aurora already has brands, products, channels and teams. Next, we should go all out to embrace this industry

OPP lighting

is committed to transforming into an integrated home service provider

has one-stop solutions and services

recently, the 2016 annual report released by OPP lighting put "transforming into a lighting system and integrated home integrated solution service provider" at the top of its business plan. The announcement shows that while based on lighting products, OPP lighting will use the advantages of online and offline channel platforms to expand its lighting business to integrated ceiling, integrated wall and other integrated home areas in 2017, and gradually build OPP lighting into a service and comprehensive solution service provider of lighting systems and integrated home

OPP lighting also pointed out that in the e-commerce channel, in 2017, OPP lighting plans to build professional stores, such as integrated ceiling flagship stores, and deeply explore core channels and develop new channels, such as tmall supermarket and Village shopping mall

it is reported that from 2009 to 2016, opple integrated ceiling has been adhering to innovation. Through years of research and development, it now has a complete product system to cover the entire roof and wall space of the home. It can provide green, energy-saving and environmental friendly one-stop solutions and services for modern home decoration from top to wall, thus creating the concept of "opple integrated home"

enterprise voice

integrated ceiling

is developing the home lighting market for the whole house ceiling

we have been engaged in the ceiling industry for 13 years. Jinxiu will be established tomorrow in 2009, and is in the leading position in the ceiling accessories field, with nearly 400 patents. We have edited and drafted the ceiling industry accessories standards, and won the honors of "national high-tech enterprise" and "top ten brands in the ceiling industry". In 2015, we began to operate the brand of Jinxiu tomorrow whole house ceiling system, focusing on the ceiling of high-end living rooms

in recent years, with the development and popularization of integrated ceiling from the original kitchen and bathroom ceiling to the whole room ceiling, it has become a general trend that the subdivision of home lighting is "nibbled" by the whole room ceiling, just as the integrated ceiling "killed" the kitchen and bathroom lighting in those years. Therefore, it is a very wise strategy for Sanxiong aurora and OPP lighting to vigorously layout the integrated ceiling field

the integration of the upstream and downstream of the consumer purchase chain is an inevitable trend in the future. The benefits of integrated ceiling are just in the upstream of home lighting, with great development potential. According to the terminal feedback case of Jinxiu tomorrow, consumers basically don't go to the lighting city after choosing the ceiling products of the whole house

in addition, lighting enterprises have a very good prospect in the field of integrated ceiling. In the whole large building materials industry, the integrated ceiling is currently the most "popular", because the integrated ceiling is in the historical stage of the transformation from kitchen and bathroom ceiling to whole house ceiling. An industry of 30billion yuan is "fission" into an industry of 300billion yuan, and the market is in the rising period. At this time, lighting enterprises enter the integrated ceiling industry, which is relatively easy to "occupy the market"

the current market situation of integrated ceiling is that some enterprises are pushing wall integration, and some enterprises making customized furniture are also laying out integrated ceiling. Therefore, cross-border integration in the future is certainly a general trend. The impregnation viscosity will go further. The big home furnishing that enterprises upstream of the purchase chain such as Sofia, europay, Dongpeng are laying out is the future development direction of the industry

in this context, our goal this year is to build 200 standard experience stores, continue to improve Jinxiu tomorrow's brand operation system and product supporting system, and strive to quickly seize market share

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