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Integrated cloud and industrial computer farms are fully intelligent

aquaculture is a high-risk industry, which may cause a large number of deaths of farmed fish at any time due to climate events or equipment power outages, and the funds and efforts of the industry will be wiped out. If we can use information and communication technology for environmental monitoring, we can deal with the adverse factors of water quality and temperature as soon as they occur, which will reduce the losses of the industry

since last year, Advantech has cooperated with Penghu University of science and technology to build an e-clown fish farm and cloud based information system, or 2.76mpa; The UNO industrial computer of Advantech and adam-2000 series remote data acquisition module are used to connect sensors to collect the temperature, salinity, acid and salinity value, dissolved oxygen in the water of the breeding tank, as well as the temperature and humidity in the indoor air of the breeding farm

the data host is online with the school, and equipped with Advantech WebAccess data mining and remote monitoring software. Teachers and students can monitor the status and important data of the farm at any time through the office computer or iPad. If there are adverse factors, they can immediately deal with them, so as to reduce the death of fish and improve the breeding rate

at present, the plan is only for data collection and monitoring of the farm, and it has not yet reached the stage of automatic breeding. There is no need for a host with too strong performance. You can choose a small, strong, durable, low-power, cost-effective automatic embedded industrial computer uno as the data collection host, which will operate stably for a long time. When the amount of data tends to be huge in the future, more powerful IPC can be added

as for the data mining module, because it takes a long time to collect data without interruption, it needs a rugged i/o module with wide temperature design, low power consumption and moisture-proof treatment to adapt to the harsh application environment

in addition, to realize the remote monitoring function, a set of human-machine interface/data mining and monitoring (hmi/scada) software with strong Dalian function and supporting remote monitoring is indispensable, and it is necessary to develop an app program supporting the operation platform

the system uses Advantech fanless industrial computer uno-1170 as the host, connecting Adam data transmission module and office computer. Uno-1170 is light in volume and adopts open PC architecture. Its fan free and less flat cable design is suitable for all kinds of harsh working environments; It supports wide temperature operation, high shock resistance and impact resistance. It is an industrial computer host with strong firmness, reliability and low maintenance cost

in terms of data acquisition and transmission kit, this system uses adam-6015, adam-6017 and adam-2031 as remote data acquisition modules respectively to capture various data such as temperature and humidity in the water, acid and salt value, electrolytic value and temperature and humidity in the air of the farm, and transmit the data to the UNO host by wireless transmission via adam-2520 and other communication modules

adam-2000 series is specially designed by Advantech for IOT and wireless networking applications. Some products integrate temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide and other sensing functions. For example, adam-2031 used in this case does not need to be connected to another sensor, which is quite suitable for environmental monitoring. Adam-2000 series features low power consumption. When it is only used for data mining, under the setting of capturing and transmitting data once per minute, it can run for a whole year as long as two ordinary AA salty batteries are replaced each time

hmi/scada software, Advantech completed and published the development of WebAccess app program last year, which can support apple and Android operators to make the system according to the fatigue curve of frequently used non-metallic materials under pressure. As long as users download and install the app from or iPad, they can go online to the system computer to view important data. This system also has an alarm function. As long as the environmental change of the farm may have an adverse impact on the cultured fish, it will be alerted through computers, iPads and iPads

using Advantech uno-1170 industrial computer with adam-2000 series i/o modules and WebAccess software to realize data collection, remote and cloud monitoring is a cost-effective, stable and durable solution. In particular, adam-2000 series has the characteristics of wireless transmission, wide temperature, strong structure and low power consumption, which is not only suitable for indoor farms, but also for outdoor farms with large space, which are not easy to have cables but still have 3G wireless transmission waves, such as fish ponds or coastal aquaculture areas

at a time when global climate change is becoming more and more intense, extreme weather events are becoming more and more frequent, and extreme heat, cold, and rainstorms frequently threaten the livelihood of aquaculture fisheries, this kind of experimental machine has the speed limit of conventional electronic omnipotent experimental machine, which is wider than the establishment of similar environmental monitoring and warning systems, which will prevent misfortune from happening, reduce possible losses of operators, and mitigate the food crisis that climate change may bring

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