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The integrated hot gate system saves time and increases efficiency

the complete set of integrated hot gate system can reduce the shutdown time of the machine and improve the production efficiency. Hot gate system is more and more used in injection molding production, because hot gate system can accelerate production speed, improve product quality, and make the overall production cost efficiency higher

without hot gate system, many modern molding production technologies such as embedding, CO injection and multi-component molding cannot be produced. Large parts such as automobile bumpers can only be produced through the hot gate system, because such products have restrictions on the runner/wall thickness ratio and the existence of joint lines. Hot gate technology plays a more and more important role in injection molding production

although the hot gate system is included in the injection mold, its task and function are completely different from the mold itself. The hot gate system forms a self-contained unit, which has special and highly accurate requirements in installation, connection and operation. For this reason, advanced hot gate systems are usually provided to users as injection molds after assembly. This prevents installation errors, simplifies system connections, and reduces the time required for mold installation

advantages of the integrated system

in the integrated system, the pouring port and the collecting cavity form a simple injection unit. The melt flow channel is directly connected from the collecting cavity to the pouring port, which will not cause possible deflection or blind spots. Because the pouring port is inserted into the collecting cavity through threaded connection, the problem of plastic leakage between the pouring port and the collecting cavity can be eliminated. However, in the traditional casing system, which can always provide us with reliable data support, plastic leakage caused by thermal expansion problems often occurs, and the production must be interrupted to repair

the integrated system is in the center of the injection mold, with the least contact with the surrounding, and is made of hot bad conductors, which does not need to be clamped or tensioned by the template. The minimum contact in the integrated system can provide a highly accurate and stable temperature curve, and the energy consumption is much less than that of the traditional system

the integrated system is designed to directly install the pre wired hydraulic connectors in the system, without considering the type of mold used. The hydraulic mechanism that drives the valve gate can also be directly installed in the system, so that the injection molding has good flexibility. It can be used on the machine without additional use of the control valve. The configuration of electrical and hydraulic connections shall be carried out according to the requirements of users

all systems shall be tested for electrical continuity, temperature, air pressure and hydraulic pressure before delivery. What users get from this is a system that has been inspected and can be installed directly. This system is easy to install in the mold, and it can be operated directly after China's current annual output of plastic packaging materials is 3.6 million tons

when routine maintenance work needs to be carried out on the system or mold, the integrated system can be easily removed from the mold for separate maintenance

the traditional design of hot split parts

hot split parts are developed from the hot gate system; The gate is not permanently connected to the collector block, but floats on the gate flange. This type of system requires the use of clamping plates to connect the system together. For most plastics, if the average temperature difference between the hot sprue system and the mold is 200 ℃, and the hot sprue system is in direct contact with the template, the heat loss will increase. Dead spots also appear in the transition zone between the collector block and the pouring port

when the hot gate needs to be repaired, all the hot split parts need to be removed. Since the pouring port is not connected with the collecting cavity, the electrical or hydraulic connection needs to be completely or partially disconnected, and it needs to be reconnected after maintenance. Compared with the integrated hot gate system, it will lead to a lot of extra work and new assembly and installation errors

integrated hot gate system

the integrated hot gate system has greatly improved in quality and can handle the maintenance cost well. Because the integrated system is based on the integrated wiring design, which is convenient for installation in the mold, the wiring of heater and thermocouple is not required in the assembly process. For this purpose, all wiring from the heater to the junction box is placed in a special conduit. In addition, since the integrated hot gate system must have all functions before installation in the mold, a full set of tests of all electrical and thermal functions must be carried out in the factory before shipment

the integrated hot gate system has the following additional advantages:

● during routine maintenance, it is not necessary to disassemble the hot gate system from the mold machine. Although the traditional injection split parts can also be repaired on the injection molding machine, these repairs are limited to the front of the pouring port due to the existence of the clamping plate. For the maintenance work behind the clamping plate, the hot gate collector system needs to be removed from the machine in order to expose the collector

● the hot gate system/mold has simple interchangeability, and the insert can be replaced without removing the mold

● the valve gate operation pipeline can be maintained without disassembly

in addition, the following work can be carried out without disassembling the integrated system from the injection molding machine:

● replace the gate end

● replace the end cap

● replace the pouring direction key, which can move the focus to the project to be set. The upper mouth heater

● replace the gate thermocouple

● replace the collector cavity thermocouple

● comprehensively check the hot gate system

during these works, The hot gate chamfer system is tightly connected to the fixed plate without affecting the purpose of observation. When the maintenance work is completed, the mold can be installed immediately, and the production can be restarted within a few minutes. When carrying out the maintenance of the hot gate system, the integrated system can save several hours, and even several days for large systems

when mold manufacturers Manufacture and test new molds, the hot gate system has made outstanding contributions in reducing errors and saving time. In addition, the integrated hot gate system also saves a lot of costs for injection mold manufacturers due to the reduction of shutdown time in injection mold production. (end)

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