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The integration development trend of silk printing in China

1 The combination with traditional printing

the appearance of the combination of silk printing and other printing methods determines that silk printing plays an important role in the field of packaging printing, and gradually becomes one of the main printing processes in the field of packaging printing. At present, the rotary wire printing unit with extremely high printing accuracy cooperates with the flexographic printing machine to make it more widely used in anti-counterfeiting printing. Its remarkable characteristics strive to reduce the overall carbon emission of the industry by 3.62 million tons, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

first, the rotary wire printing unit cooperates with the flexographic printing machine to enhance the attractiveness of the product. If more expressive products are needed, It can adopt the design of air permeability effect, and then use thick color or luminous ink to achieve the ideal effect

secondly, sometimes the printing of suggestive signs for specific people (such as the blind) is obtained by controlling the carbonization process conditions and adding crystal guiding agent in the process of carbonization of light calcium carbonate. This printing method can achieve the ideal effect

in addition, this method can also obtain metal effects such as gold and silver on the substrate. If you need some exquisite decoration effects, such as the effect of embossing and sanding on cigarette packs, drugs, cosmetics or other packages, and when printing scratch awards, all kinds of lottery tickets and other securities, you can use silk printing to reflect the embossing effect, and make full use of the advantages of considerable thickness of silk printing ink layer

in addition, the combined printing method can also be used for substrates used in harsh environments, such as batteries, paint labels, etc. In addition, it can also be used on the substrate that needs to focus on the product brand and logo, such as drug instructions, injection instructions, etc. Judging from the current development trend, some printing and packaging users require to configure the rotary silk printing unit on the flexographic printing machine when purchasing the flexographic printing machine, which also shows that this combined printing method is more popular on the other hand

2. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, computer and electronic scanning technology have penetrated into various fields, forming the intersection and integration of science and technology and industry technology. Under the impact of this wave of science and technology, the prepress system in the printing field has undergone qualitative changes. The original collection, image processing, color separation and plate making in printing are all replaced by the color desktop system, which is fast and accurate, showing modern characteristics. At the end of the 1990s, with the continuous maturity of computer digital processing technology, a major technological revolution is being caused in the printing technology, which is the computer film free direct plate making method CTP (computer to plate), also known as digital direct plate making method. CTP plate making method was applied in offset printing many years earlier than printing. The application in the printing industry began with the technology and equipment exhibited at the international printing exhibitions in the United States and Europe in recent years. It is the transfer of inkjet technology to CTP plate making

now there is another method of template direct imaging plate making. Instead of coating with photosensitive glue, the silk screen plate is coated with a kind of chemical coating without spraying hot wax. Instead, the computer is used to directly scan the template of the sprayed chemical material. According to the original image, the computer scans the template, and then flush the chemical material with water to image. This plate making method of direct imaging on the template is the direction of development in the future

another method of direct imaging plate making is to directly use computer scanning laser imaging on a special metal platform film. Silk and photosensitive glue can be omitted without complex stretching process. The template made by this plate making method has no deformation, alignment and high printing accuracy, which is the direction of development in the future

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