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Integrating motion sensing MEMS modules to open a new era of human-machine interface application

MEMS is not a new term. It has been introduced into application for 2-3 years, mainly using semiconductor technology to make machinery very small. The development of MEMS industry since 2000 can be said to repeat the development history of semiconductors in the past, including transistors, rectifiers, logic ICs and so on

Yu Zhengde, technical marketing manager of Italian French semiconductor, quoted the statistical data of iSuppli in 2009, saying that from 2008 to 2013, the compound annual growth rate of MEMS was 18.4%. However, the growth rate of the number of shipments was estimated to be more than 40~50%. The growth rate broke out, mainly because of the serious decline in prices; In particular, the big sales of Wii and iPhone have triggered a wave of MEMS use, resulting in an increase in suppliers and a significant decline in prices, which has led to an increase in shipments

mems includes all possible movements. The MEMS provided by Italy France includes accelerators with changing acceleration, gyros with changing angular velocity, pressure sensors with changing pressure, and microphones for new product lines designed to use invisible light-emitting materials on plastic packaging labels (MICR, which also stimulates the development and production of domestic products)

first of all, in terms of MEMS accelerators, acceleration is the change of speed within the time of motion. What is measured is the acceleration (A: meter/second square). Because f=ma, it is also the measured force. MEMS gyroscopes measure angular velocity (: degrees/Martin Martinez added: "another second), around the X, y, and Z axes, in three directions: pitch, roll, and yaw. The gyroscope product line of Italian French MEMS contains 30dps to 6000dps, which is the most widely used in the market. It is often used in monocular digital cameras to prevent hand vibration, vehicle satellite navigation, painting devices, and game devices.

mems pressure sensors measure pressure or altitude (bar/psi), the measurement can reach quite high accuracy. The element can be made very small, but the measurement is sharp, and it can be calculated to one thousandth of G (gravitational acceleration). MEMS microphones use surface acoustic waves to transmit to thin film vibration, calculate the change of capacitance, and measure audio (DB)

the current trend is to integrate many sensors into one module. For example, St lsm320hay30 is a 5-axis module, including a 3-axis accelerator and a 2-axis gyroscope, which was published on December 18, 2009. Lsm303dlh is a 6-axis module, 3-axis accelerator and 3-axis magnetic sensor, which was published on January 5, 2010

the built-in electronic compass of iPhone 3GS adopts a number of MEMS sensors, and 4G is expected to add new functions in the future. Integrated MEMS modules can provide different combinations, without adding various sensors to each function, and then using microprocessors to calculate; Integrated MEMS can make the size smaller with more shafts

mems motion sensors are widely used, and even nuclear reaction tanks are application projects. MEMS accelerators can be built in to detect whether abnormal vibrations occur. Old bridges can also be equipped with RF sensors, which can be detected before their collapse, and can be blocked first to avoid casualties of people and vehicles

in addition, action aware games are used a lot. When users look at photos, they often use the functions of enlarging, shrinking and rotating the portrait, which can be achieved by MEMS accelerator. Monocular digital camera can automatically turn according to the scene, which is also one of the applications. In addition, if the user will tilt, there is no need to rotate, which is another application

If a MEMS accelerator is built in the hard disk of

nb, abnormal movement can be detected before falling, and safety protection devices can be set to avoid damage to the hard disk. This year's popular 3D mouse also uses a 2-axis MEMS gyroscope for sensing. Optical/electronic anti hand vibration of monocular digital camera is another application, especially more than 5million pixels need to be imported

lbs (location based service) provides information about the user's location, and also uses MEMS sensors. Especially where the GPS signal cannot be received, the gyroscope can track the user's action, and the accelerator can strengthen the user interface

health management system can also be widely used. When users play golf and ball, if MEMS sensors are built in, they can detect the strength and speed of movement, and then develop 7178-t6 alloy with higher strength to measure steps, and also measure blood pressure. In addition, it can also be used for weather change prediction or altimeter. Users can use it if they want to climb mountains

the vehicle can be installed on the safety belt. In case of an accident, the accident message can be automatically transmitted to the 119 service center. Apple's star walk uses MEMS sensors to view stars with 3G information. The new application also includes measuring people's sleep cycle, which can be used to set the option to wake up during shallow sleep

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