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Integration? Counter attack: dehuorunda and Rexroth lighting "marriage"

after the agreement signed by dehuorunda to acquire the equity of Wu Changjiang is approved, dehuorunda will hold a total of 20.05% equity of Rexroth lighting and become the largest shareholder of Rexroth lighting; Saifu Asia and Schneider Electric are the second and third largest shareholders of Rexroth lighting, with 18.48% and 9.21% shares respectively; Wu Changjiang still holds 6.79% equity of Rex

is the wave of merger and integration of China's LED lighting industry quietly coming, or is it Wu Changjiang's counter attack after the previous storm subsided at Rex lighting

last night (26th), dehourunda, one of the largest LED chip production enterprises in China, announced that it would spend HK $1.65 billion to acquire about 20% of the equity of Rex lighting, China's largest lighting enterprise, and become the largest shareholder of Rex lighting

the announcement also revealed that Wu Changjiang, the founder, transferred about 11.8% of the equity of Rexroth lighting to Dehao Runda, but he still retained 6.79% of the equity. Last night, first finance called Yan Yan, chairman of Rex lighting and partner of Saifu Asia, but as of press time, no response has been received

meanwhile, Dehao Runda plans to issue non-public shares, which will be subscribed by the controlling shareholder of the company and Wu Changjiang, of which Wu Changjiang subscribed 130million shares. The industry estimates that Wu Changjiang may become the second largest shareholder of Dehao Runda after taking a stake

the marriage between dehuorunda and Rex lighting can be described as a group warming in the cold winter of the LED lighting industry. The two sides complement each other and can open up the whole industrial chain of LED lighting upstream, midstream and downstream

the purchase of HK $1.65 billion has added a strong driving force for the development of Changkou smart manufacturing town. A major shareholder

from December 11 to December 21, 2012, dehuorunda, through its wholly-owned subsidiary dehuorunda International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong dehuorunda), spent about HK $700million to acquire about 260million ordinary shares of Rex lighting, accounting for 8.24% of the total shares of Rex lighting

on December 26, Hong Kong Dehao Runda signed a share transfer agreement with NVC Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wu Changjiang, and plans to spend about HK $950million to receive about 373million ordinary shares of NVC Inc. at a price of HK $2.55 per share, accounting for 11.81% of the total shares of NVC lighting

the above transaction makes Hong Kong Dehao Runda invest a total of HK $1.65 billion (about 1.34 billion yuan) to hold 20.05% equity of Rex lighting, which will become the largest shareholder of Rex lighting

de haorunda said that the acquisition of the equity of Rexroth lighting is to seek strategic cooperation with Rexroth lighting, make use of their respective advantages to expand and strengthen the LED lighting industry, and is not a securities investment behavior to obtain the price difference in the secondary market

Wu Changjiang currently directly and indirectly holds 18.60% of the equity of Rexroth lighting. After the above equity transfer, Wu Changjiang still directly and indirectly holds 6.79% equity of Rexroth lighting. Wu Changjiang and NVC Inc. promise to grant Dehao Runda the right of first refusal of these shares and transfer them to Dehao Runda at the price of HK $2.95 per share at any time Dehao Runda thinks fit

Wu Changjiang takes shares in dehuorunda

on December 25, the board meeting agreed to the above equity acquisition, and passed the proposal of non-public offering of shares

according to the announcement last night, Dehao Runda will issue 230million shares at the price of 5.86 yuan/most measurement systems with reference benchmark shares, of which Wuhu Dehao Investment Co., Ltd. (holding 21.04% of the equity of Dehao Runda) plans to subscribe 100million shares, and Wu Changjiang will subscribe 130million shares. The raised capital of 1.35 billion yuan will be used to supplement the working capital of Dehao Runda

a person close to Dehao Runda analyzed to China business news that once the non-public offering plan is implemented, Wu Changjiang may become the second largest shareholder of Dehao Runda

Dehao Runda now has a complete industrial chain from LED epitaxial chips, chip packaging applications (lamps, displays), and has strong LED lighting product R & D and manufacturing capabilities. Rex lighting has 36 operation centers and more than 3000 brand stores across the country, forming a perfect customer service network

de haorunda said that after taking a stake in Rex lighting, it will enter its board of directors and actively seek in-depth cooperation with Rex lighting in the promotion of LED lighting products, with a view to using its perfect channels to sell LED lighting products

compete for the board of Leishi lighting

Wu Changjiang told this newspaper last night: I have been paying attention to LED, and Rex must make a difference in LED lighting, which is my wish. Deng Fei, the Board Secretary of Dehao Runda, believes that cooperation and integration between large enterprises are the only way for the LED industry to go from scattered to standardized. Dehuorunda and Rexroth lighting complement each other. This capital cooperation is the beginning of industry integration

Zhang Xiaofei, President of le6 special current detector D Industry Research Institute of senior engineering, said to this newspaper that the lighting industry is transforming towards led. Rex lighting lacks upstream resources of LED, while dehuorunda lacks downstream channel resources. The marriage of the two can complement each other's advantages, will have a great impact on the industry, and may set off a new wave of mergers and acquisitions in the LED lighting industry

Rex lighting has just come out of internal strife this year. Xu Hua, an associate professor at the school of economics of the Central University of Finance and economics, believes that the equity transaction is likely to be Wu Changjiang's intention to introduce major shareholders to suppress Yan Department

according to the current disclosure information of the Hong Kong stock exchange, Saifu Asia and Schneider Electric, where Yan Yan is located, are the second and third largest shareholders of Rex lighting, holding 18.48% and 9.21% respectively

Wu Changjiang is controlled by others in Rex lighting. This time, he agreed to sell a large number of shares, which may be in the hope of reorganizing the board of directors in this way to break up and crowd out the management of Yan Yan and Schneider. In addition, Wu Changjiang may also become a professional manager with small equity because of his good relationship with Dehao Runda. Wu Changjiang is less likely to cash out just for this reason. Xu Hua said

dehuorunda also said that holding 20.05% of the equity of Rex lighting will be accounted for using the equity method, and the profits of Rex lighting will be included in the consolidated statements of the company according to the proportion of equity held by the company, so as to improve the profitability of the company, and subsequent companies will not rule out the possibility of further increasing the shares of Rex lighting

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