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The formation of Shandong integrated circuit industry chain will create 3

recently, Shandong Province has issued the "opinions of Shandong Provincial People's Government on implementing GF [2014] No. 4 document to speed up the development of integrated circuit industry" in the field of integrated circuits. The integrated circuit industry in the province has developed rapidly, initially forming a complete industrial chain covering integrated circuit design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, materials and other links

in terms of integrated circuit design, Shandong Province has outstanding product characteristics. Jinan is recognized as the national integrated circuit design industrialization base, with dozens of integrated circuit design enterprises, such as Zhongwei century, Huaxin, Kelun, etc., and has a good foundation in the fields of audio and video decoding chips, safe storage control chips, etc. Galen electronics independently developed a world-class semiconductor process device modeling platform and occupied the main market share. Gaoyun semiconductor successfully developed domestic FPGA chips. Qingdao has certain domestic comparative advantages in sensor and ASIC design. Yantai Airui optoelectronics' uncooled infrared imaging chip is at the leading level in China

the construction of wafer manufacturing projects has accelerated. Zibo Merrill Lynch and Taiwan qiangmao electronics jointly established Shandong qiangmao electronics, built a 6-inch semiconductor wafer production line, with an annual output of 500million automotive semiconductor discrete devices, and has been put into mass production. Qingdao Xinen collaborative integrated circuit manufacturing Jinan testing machine specific description of the project has started construction, and the 12 inch analog integrated circuit manufacturing project was signed during the Confucian Merchants conference

in terms of packaging and testing, Shandong Province has obvious advantages in subdivisions. Jinan shengpin electronics is one of the few domestic enterprises with the core technology of MEMS intelligent sensor packaging and manufacturing. It is a fast packaging service provider for leading enterprises such as Huawei and Ziguang. Zibo has the highest market share of smart card packaging and testing products in the country, and has gathered a number of IC card packaging and testing enterprises and RFID (radio frequency identification) production enterprises, such as shanaluminum electronics, Kaisheng electronics, Taibao anti-counterfeiting and so on. A number of spring fatigue testing machines such as Zibo Merrill Lynch and Weihai Xinjia are important experimental equipment for studying spring life. Power electronics manufacturers have a good foundation in the field of power semiconductor packaging, testing and production

In terms of materials, Shandong Province has also formed a good foundation for development. Silicon carbide materials developed by Shandong Tianyue broke the international monopoly. Yantai Luxin precious metal's key alloy wire production scale is leading in China, and has been recognized as one of the top 100 electronic enterprises in China for many consecutive years. Debon technology independently researched and developed key packaging materials for integrated circuits, and was invested by the national integrated circuit industry investment fund. Youyan technology has invested in the construction of 8-inch and 12 inch silicon wafer large-scale production bases in Dezhou. Yantai Jinbao, Laiwu Jinding, Jining University of science and technology Dingxin also occupy an important position in China

at the same time, the integrated circuit industry in Shandong Province is also facing problems such as weak industrial foundation, insufficient investment, and few major projects. According to reports, the newly issued "special plan for the new generation of information technology industry in Shandong Province (year)" has taken it as a weak point of the new nylon composite and Funeng technology to reach a strategic cooperation in the core areas of key breakthroughs. Shandong Province will follow the idea of "first two ends (design, packaging and testing) and then the middle (Manufacturing)" to consolidate the advantages of material links, expand the links of design, packaging and testing, make every effort to break through the manufacturing links, and create an integrated circuit "strong core" project. By 2022, we will cultivate leading integrated circuit enterprises and 20 leading enterprises in the subdivision field with strong competitiveness

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