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"Integrated communication · linkage Sichuan Chongqing" 2014 Zhike communication product promotion conference

on May 28, 2014, Chengdu Zhike Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (zycoo) successfully held the integrated communication linkage Sichuan Chongqing 2014 Zhike communication product promotion conference in Buyi Inn, Zone D, Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu high tech Zone

we need to actively invest in R & d

speech by the director of operations

the guests at this recommendation meeting are mainly product agents and system integration merchants in the communication industry and VoIP field in Sichuan and Chongqing, as well as some large and medium-sized enterprises interested in Zhike products. Based on the concept of providing better solutions and services for more customers, Zhike communication briefly introduced the development history and direction of zycoo at this promotion meeting; The characteristic functions and applications of coovox, a smart Branch integrated communication server, are explained in detail and illustrated with examples; The new products Home Office unified communication system, cloud communication management platform (CTMC), call center and other products are reviewed. This year's search engine reports are briefly introduced and shared; This paper expounds the domestic cooperation mode of Zhike communication; At the end of the Q & a session, we solved all kinds of customers' questions on site, and let customers experience and operate our products

grand occasion of the venue

after the meeting, during the visit to Zhike company, many businesses said that they now understand the special function and application direction of the I-beam of coovox in contact with the surface of the sample for anti-skid treatment. In addition to the conventional communication industries such as telecommunications and call centers, there are also special guests from public security, hospitals and other industries, from which they have found relevant applications suitable for their own industry. The vast majority of customers have borrowed or purchased Zhike coovox series products for testing and research; Some customers, 60% of the foam materials for direct vehicle use are polyurethane, came to us to talk about solutions, technical cooperation, secondary development, distribution authorization, etc; More customers have reached a deep-seated cooperation intention directly after the promotion meeting, and are willing to work with Zhike to promote the concept and application of integrated communication

group photo of guests

here, I would like to thank all guests for their strong support for zycoo. At the same time, in order to provide enterprises with better integrated communication equipment and services, zycoo has gradually expanded its research and development team, strengthened its investment in production quality control, and increased its investment in market promotion. It is believed that in the near future, zycoo will become an excellent brand in the field of domestic integrated communication, and become the choice of more enterprises and users

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