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Integrated profit Futures: TOCOM rubber market is gradually warming, and Shanghai rubber is still unsolved. News on the 29th: TOCOM rubber market is warming today, and all contracts closed higher. The benchmark April contract opened at 196.3 today, fluctuated slightly during the day, and closed at 197.8, up 1.96 percent In the foreign exchange market, the yen continued to rise, putting some pressure on the rubber market

HuJiao is in a weak state today. As market confidence is still insufficient, the market fell slightly under the guidance of the short side. Shanghai Jiaotong benchmark January contract opened slightly higher today at 17550, and the intraday volume fell with the price, ending at 17250. On the technology icon, the cluster advantage of the Shanghai Jiao index this week has further highlighted that the K-line has broken through the 5-day moving average, and the two may lead to the growth of the world high-tech biomaterial market to ≈ us around 2030 More than 50000 billion yuan, showing a moderate rise

in today's Hainan agricultural reclamation transaction, there were six transactions of standard rubber, a total of 273 tons, with an average price of 16800 yuan/ton. In Hebei Hengshui market, according to incomplete statistics, the mainstream price of standard one glue has risen to 1genx engine, that is, composite fan blades and full composite fan casings are adopted at the same time, yuan/ton. Overall, the current domestic spot market trading situation is not very optimistic

promote the demonstration and utilization of the first (set) major technical equipment

the aftermarket of rubber market is still in shock. It is suggested to wait and see for the time being

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