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After the polyester Market weakened last week, the bidding price of B1 grade polyurethane in Haidian District, Beijing has been as low as 1400 yuan per cubic meter, and the market continues to decline slightly.

the polyester raw material market has not performed well since September. The overall market has started to develop significantly downward, the trading atmosphere is very weak, and the overall price of chips has shown a downward trend

by the end of last week, the factory quotation level of semi-finished chips had dropped to yuan/ton (three months' acceptance and self raising price), and the actual transaction price was mainly about yuan/ton (self raising price with cash). Some polyester factories even shipped only 12550 yuan. Such bags are difficult to degrade naturally/ton (self raising price with cash). The mainstream quotation and transaction of Youguang slice are loose to the level of 12800 yuan/ton for March acceptance and 12700 yuan/ton for monthly acceptance and self delivery. The decline of cationic chips was slightly smaller. The mainstream price of continuous CDP chips was accepted in March at RMB yuan/ton, while the lower price was accepted in March at RMB 13650 yuan/ton and sent to buyout; The transaction of intermittent CDP slices fell to the level of yuan/ton delivered by acceptance in March. The actual demand for polyester bottle chips was weak, showing a high level of consolidation. However, due to the continued sluggish market of raw material chips, the prices of different varieties were loosened. The transaction price of water tablets in the East and South China markets dropped slightly to yuan/ton, small and medium-sized orders were delivered, the cash of industrial silk grade large polyester bottle tablets in East China was delivered to yuan/ton, and the price of other varieties was stable

market trend analysis: in combination with the overall situation of upstream and downstream, polyester raw materials have insufficient support for the current chip, and there is no more demand in the downstream market. The recent polyester chip market is under certain pressure, and it is expected that the polyester chip will continue to decline slightly in the near future

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