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The recent weak market demand for polyester staple fiber is expected to fall in the future market


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due to its high sensor accuracy (some reaching 1.1 million), the friction coefficient can also be tested

last week, the market demand for polyester staple fiber was weak, and the domestic storage volume was about 36.6 million tons; The output of white paperboard was 14.05 million tons, and the transaction was light. From the beginning of the week to the middle of the week, it was difficult to identify the yield point. Although the quotation in the polyester staple fiber market was stable, due to the large number of buyers and onlookers, the market transactions were rare, and the direct spinning polyester staple fiber transactions tended to be light. The selling prices of middlemen in some regional markets were slightly loose, and the general profit margin was about 50 yuan/ton. The pessimism of insiders increased. By the end of the week, the market inventory had increased, basically in about one week to 10 days. The seller's shipping intention had increased, and the market quotation had a decline of about 150 yuan/ton

in the near future, market participants place certain hopes on the factory stock up before the national day. However, at present, the staple fiber price has softened, and the situation of the yarn factory in the back road is difficult. At the same time, the raw material market is weak, so it is expected that the polyester staple fiber market will decline

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