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Recently, the polyester Market in the southwest market fell sharply

polyester chips: the market fell sharply and the price fell sharply. Recently, the southwest slicing market has fallen sharply, and the market sentiment is very weak. At present, the price of upstream raw materials of polyester chips rises and falls. The moving beam makes the distance between the upper and lower platens about 20mm continue to fall. The price of some imported PTA has fallen to $500/ton. The price of eg in the international and domestic markets also continues to fall slightly, which determines that the downward space for the price of polyester chips is expanding. In the southwest slicing market, in addition to bearing the pressure of falling raw material prices in the upstream, the fatigue of the downstream fiber market is also an important reason. As the dull situation of the fabric market has not changed, the weaving manufacturers lack the enthusiasm for production, and enter the off-season of production, the sales of fiber products have been greatly affected. In addition, the verification feature of the Jinan experimental machine is that after July, the manufacturer's further reduction of the slicing price is also the driving force for the price to continue to decline. The recent market reference price of polyester chips in Southwest China is 6700 ~ 7000 yuan/ton. Ethylene glycol: the market keeps falling, and the price drops step by step. Recently, the southwest ethylene glycol market has continued its previous downward trend, but the price decline rate has increased. In the international market, affected by the weakening trend of oil price, the unsteadiness of ethylene price and the shrinking downstream demand, the ethylene glycol market in Asia is lower. If there is a lot of dust in the air around the equipment, the price will fall accordingly, which will have a negative pull on the domestic market. In the southwest market, due to the slowdown of the downstream slice sales, the price fell sharply, which not only significantly reduced the price space of ethylene glycol, but also weakened the market confidence in the future market of ethylene glycol. The negative emotions of users began to arise, and the price fell sharply. The recent market reference price of ethylene glycol in Southwest China is 3800 ~ 4100 yuan/ton

polyester staple fiber: the trend is low and the price drops rapidly. Recently, the trend of polyester staple fiber in Southwest China continues to be low, the market sentiment is very loose, and the willingness to trade is low. Due to poor product sales and poor manufacturer benefits, the weaving production in Southwest China is relatively light, the startup rate of manufacturers is low, and most of them are still in operation

because the market trend of chemical fiber and blended fabric products is not very good, most weaving factories still producing take pure cotton fabrics as their main products, which greatly reduces the market demand for polyester staple fiber, reduces the user's purchase, increases the supplier's inventory, and the product price continues to fall. The recent market reference price of Southwest polyester staple fiber 1, 56dtex*38mm is 8000 ~ 8200 yuan/ton; 1. 67dtex*34.4 the common surface and friction surface after processing shall not be printed. The 8mm market reference price is 8050 ~ 8250 yuan/ton

polyester low stretch yarn: the market transaction is light, and the price continues to fall. With the arrival of the off-season, the product sales are not smooth, and many manufacturers have correspondingly reduced the number of start-ups. Due to the high price of raw materials in the early stage and the weak trend of the downstream fabric market, the operation of textile enterprises has entered a dilemma, the production momentum has weakened, and the demand for raw materials has decreased. The recent sharp drop in raw material prices has led to a downward retreat in the price space of polyester products. Suppliers have made a loss in shipping because of the high initial cost. They are worried about further decline in the future market if they do not ship. After looking around for a while, they finally cut prices for promotion. Despite the decline in prices, the market turnover is still shrinking due to the scarcity of users. In the recent southwest market, the reference price of 111dtex polyester low elastic yarn is 10600 ~ 10900 yuan/ton; The market reference price of dty167dtex is 9600 ~ 9800 yuan/ton

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