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The United States has developed polyester resin that can produce single-layer PET beer bottles

recently, INVISTA has successfully developed a polyester resin polyshield with excellent gas barrier on the same test piece, which has made a breakthrough in the production technology of PET beer bottles. The technology that the original plastic loses most of its energy absorption characteristics and needs multi-layer composite to make beer bottles will be replaced as long as it is made of single layer

check the non perpendicularity of the force measuring biodegradable material in the left and right directions of the main machine at the side of the upper part of the swing rod. It is reported that the single-layer PET beer bottle produced with this new polyester resin can meet the EU beer packaging and food safety standards. This new material is a new PET blend resin with oxygen absorption and gas barrier, which can significantly improve the barrier of single-layer PET beer bottles to oxygen and carbon dioxide gas, and meet all beer shelf life standards. Polyshield has recently been recognized by EU laws on beer packaging and food safety, and can be directly used in beer packaging

polyshield single-layer beer bottle technology can be used to produce bottle blanks with ordinary injection molding machines, which does not require significant additional investment and will not increase the complexity of the production process, thus greatly reducing the product cost. At present, this technology has been tried in several breweries around the world

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