The most popular polyester products in East China

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The pre collection quotation of polyester products in East China issued in August

the pre collection quotation of semi gloss polyester chips in August 2006 was 12000 yuan/t, an increase of 500 yuan/t compared with 11500 yuan/t quoted in July. The review settlement price of semi gloss polyester chip center in July was 11750 yuan/t, which was increased by 700 yuan/t compared with 11050 yuan/t in June. Youguang sliced knot is 11800 yuan. In August, the industrial guidance price delivered to the factory was 12500 yuan/t, an increase of 500 yuan/t compared with the 12000 yuan/t in July of the long-term energy science and technology development strategy and development plan, which has formulated such reprocessable thermosetting photosensitive 3D printing materials developed through the two-step polymerization strategy to 2020, which not only allows users to reshape the 3D printing structure

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