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Last week, the polyester staple fiber market fell slightly and may continue to decline in the future.

affected by the overall decline in the polyester raw material and chip market, the overall trading atmosphere of the domestic polyester staple fiber market has been poor recently. The domestic polyester staple fiber market is also facing the pressure of falling costs under the condition of insufficient demand. The market can no longer find any good news to keep the market at a high level for a long time, Polyester short market shows a trend of high level and small decline

by the end of last week, the manufacturer in East China had recently announced that the domestic direct spinning polyester staple fiber and large chemical fiber had less environmental pollution. The ex factory quotation level of 1.4d*38mm in the market of peba2301 availability zone of some plastic machines had been reduced to yuan/ton (the price was raised after acceptance in three months), but the actual transaction price was only about yuan/ton (the transaction price was delivered to the factory after acceptance on the evening of May 27 in three months). The wait-and-see atmosphere in the spot market is very strong, and the purchasing enthusiasm of downstream textile mills is not ideal. The price reduction seems to have no more substantive effect on attracting buyers to return to the market. The warming experiment can be completed

market trend analysis: To sum up, the cost support of polyester raw materials is unstable. Polyester staple fiber itself is facing the pressure of significantly increasing supply. In addition, the demand is weak, and the manufacturer's inventory pressure increases. It is expected that the future market will continue to adjust downward

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