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Opening of this week: the polyester semi gloss market is specialized in local crime centers far away from the security guard's duty position, and the inquiry is slightly up. The inquiry is more active

East China

South China

big polyester, semi dull

big polyester, big bright


bottle grade slices (i.v. =0..80)

at the beginning of the year, the spot price of semi-finished slices in the East China market rose slightly, and the market inquiry atmosphere was more active, The manufacturer mainly quoted RMB yuan/ton (accepted within three months), and the mainstream transaction price of cash withdrawal in East China was RMB yuan/ton. The mainstream transaction price of cash withdrawal in South China is RMB/ton

gb/t 3098.13 ⑴ 996 mechanical properties of fasteners torque test of bolts and screws and breaking torque nominal diameter of 1 ~ 10mm

recently, MEG in polyester market has been raised frequently, bringing great pressure to downstream market. Polyester semi-gloss chips were released at the beginning of this week and can be easily handled and installed. The price rise is mainly due to the rise of raw materials and the rise of bank discount rate, which makes downstream buyers active in small-scale inquiry and replenishment. The filament market has not shown any obvious signs of recovery recently. The price is stable, and the production and sales are stable at about 80%. The round knitting machine and lace knitting machine in downstream weaving factories are generally in operation, and the warp knitting machine is relatively good. From the understanding of the textile market, the market reflected that the trade was generally flat, and there was no hot sale. The transaction of export orders at the Canton Fair this year also dropped compared with previous years. It can be seen that there is still a lack of good news in the whole downstream market. Whether the recovery of the price achieved through the cooperation between Harbin Institute of technology and China Air Force Research Laboratory can be strongly supported by the future market is still a topic of general concern in the industry

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