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Spring is a good season for decoration. Many people plan to decorate their new houses in spring. Among modern home decoration materials, wood flooring is favored by more and more users for its comfort, nature, fashion, taste and other characteristics

spring is a good season for decoration, and many people plan to decorate their new houses in spring. Among modern home decoration materials, wood flooring is favored by more and more users for its comfort, nature, fashion, taste and other characteristics. At present, there are many names of wood flooring of various brands on the market, which are dazzling. Especially for users who decorate for the first time, the quality, variety, price and grade of wood flooring are complex, and all of them are big. Recently, the reporter conducted an investigation on the characteristics and applicable styles of the current mainstream wood flooring

favorite high-end:

natural wood flooring:

comfortable and natural, and the price is high

in today's era of advocating nature and returning to nature, solid wood flooring is particularly favored by medium and high-end household users. Solid wood floor is the floor decoration material formed by drying and processing of wood, which basically maintains the natural pattern of logs, with comfortable feet and safe use

due to different tree species, the price of solid wood flooring will vary greatly, generally between 200 and 400 yuan/square meter, which is nearly 1000 yuan expensive. Judging from the market trend, the price of solid wood flooring continues to rise due to the lack of log materials. The disadvantage of solid wood flooring is that it is easy to deform, complex to install and difficult to take care of

in contrast, the solid wood composite floor is made of interlaced plates of different tree species. Therefore, it overcomes the shortcomings of the solid wood floor, which is unidirectional and isotropic. The dry shrinkage and wet expansion rate is small, and has good dimensional stability. It also retains the natural wood grain and comfortable foot feel of the solid wood floor, while the sex price ratio is greatly improved. It is suitable for families who pay attention to face and economy

economic choice:

laminate flooring:

durable and easy to maintain, high cost performance

laminate flooring is made of high-density fiberboard, medium density fiberboard and particleboard, laminated with impregnated paper adhesive film, and characterized by neat surface patterns, wear resistance, easy maintenance, simple installation, which is more in line with the fast-paced, relaxed and concise lifestyle of modern people

the main material of laminate flooring comes from artificial fast-growing forests, and the general price is more than 100 yuan to 200 yuan per square meter. Cost effective, very affordable for ordinary families. The disadvantage is that the foot feels hard

when purchasing laminate flooring, we need to pay attention to the following points: first, whether the wood fiber of the floor is fine; Second, smell the smell. The good base material has wood fragrance, which is not pungent or dazzling; In addition, comprehensive consideration should be given to the design, color, thickness and other aspects. In terms of strengthening the choice of wood brands, hongnai and Shengxiang are all second to none brands in the market

new favorite of white-collar workers:

super solid wood flooring:

inclusive, economical and durable

compared with solid wood and laminate flooring, super solid wood flooring shows obvious advantages in beauty, fashion, durability, economy and other aspects, which not only meets consumers' pursuit of nature and taste, but also greatly reduces consumption costs and use and maintenance costs. Super solid wood flooring is actually made of hardwood trees “ Imitation solid wood composite wood floor ”, It not only overcomes the instability of dry shrinkage and wet rise of solid wood floor, but also solves the problem that solid wood floor is easy to warp and deform and is not wear-resistant. At the same time, the wear-resistance and scratch resistance of solid wood floor are better than that of solid wood floor

the characteristics of super solid wood flooring have made it widely favored by urban white-collar families. Since hongnai was vigorously launched in 2005, its sales have increased all the way, and attracted major brands to enter the field one after another, becoming another hot-selling variety after solid wood composite and laminate. In particular, some brand products based on precious tree species, such as “ Lin Zhiyun &rdquo& ldquo; Nuremberg &rdquo& ldquo; Villa ” They are highly accepted by the urban white-collar class

ultra solid wood flooring, which is popular in the market at present, has evolved from the first generation of paint spraying surface technology to the second generation of V-shaped and U-shaped groove surface technology. Such as “ Nuremberg &rdquo& ldquo; Lin Zhiyun &rdquo& ldquo; Royal wood mark ” And other varieties are typical of the second generation of ultra solid wood flooring. This new technology not only strengthens the visual effect of solid wood, but also facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the floor. In daily life, as long as the basic floor maintenance can maintain its smoothness

there are also some tips when purchasing ultra solid wood flooring: first, look at the brand. When buying flooring, you mainly buy after-sales service. Well known brands have good guarantee in after-sales service. Second, it depends on the material, mainly on the natural effect of the surface wood grain layer, such as red oak, red sandalwood and other high-end wood species have better decorative effects. In addition, the processing accuracy of the floor and the flatness of the height difference are all issues that should be paid attention to




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