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Cabinet knowledge: material selection and process identification of cabinet

>& gt;& gt; Expert tips: analysis of the reasons for the difference in cabinet prices

because food cookers need to be stored in the cabinet for a long time, and the moving frequency of items is high, it is particularly important to keep the environmental protection, wear resistance, cleaning and insect prevention of the cabinet board. It has no decorative effect and is basically covered by door panels and countertops

the material of the cabinet body generally uses melamine board, and a few use stainless steel cabinet body. Here we mainly talk about the purchase knowledge of melamine board cabinet body

the surface of melamine board is divided into smooth surface, pitted surface and corrugated surface. The smooth surface is easy to clean but not wear-resistant. The pitted surface relatively meets the requirements of the kitchen for the cabinet body. The corrugated surface has large friction and things are not easy to slip, but it is the easiest to hide dirt and dirt, and it is not easy to clean

in terms of user feedback, there is little difference between the three surfaces when used, but the prices of different surfaces sometimes differ. The cabinet materials with the lowest price on the market are all smooth surfaces (white double-sided board, commonly known as white light board). Corrugated is expensive (this phenomenon only exists in low-grade plates)

the quality of the cabinet is highlighted in the edge banding and cutting process. Consumers should see whether there are sawteeth, whether the edge banding has post-processing (i.e. trimming), and whether there are visible small gaps or black marks between the edge banding and the plate

in addition, manual cabinet products are generally one-time edge banding of a board. Without joints, mechanical edge banding is impossible, and can only be sealed side by side. This is the best way to distinguish manual and mechanical products! Another point is that the glue used for edge banding can only be liquid wood glue in manual mode, while the machine has to use hot sol (granular). The quality of glue directly affects the firmness of edge banding

finally, explain the combination mode of the cabinet body. The standard cabinet combination mode is three in one, and the eccentric parts are used to connect the plates with wooden tenons (there is no trace of screws at all), and the cabinet body is connected with the cabinet body with connecting screws. And low-end cabinet manufacturers generally can't connect with eccentric parts because they don't arrange drilling rigs

Shangtuan warm tips: cabinet pricing method

at present, most kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the Chinese market use linear meter pricing, and only Beijing Kangjie, Chengdu Debei and no more than five other companies promote cabinet unit pricing

according to the survey and calculation of professionals, unit pricing is cheaper than linear rice most of the time. Moreover, the use of linear meter pricing limits the number of some hardware parts. The simpler the cabinet, the less plates are used, and the greater the profit space





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