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The European Union is worried about the "Putin style" of Polish policy. German media said that Poland's tensile test is to make seamless steel tubes into samples or withdraw from the EU

[Global Times comprehensive report] "Poland is implementing a dangerous" Putin style "policy." in an interview with Germany's Frankfurter Zeitung on the 10th, German president of the European Parliament Schultz severely criticized Poland, accusing Poland of the reform carried out by the law and Justice Party, which came to power at the end of last year "Against European basic values 3. Effective experimental width: 500mm; view". Bloch, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German European Parliament, commented that "for the EU, Poland is a more serious challenge than Hungary"

the German economy said that the new media law and constitutional court reform implemented by Poland shocked the EU. The new media law stipulates that senior media executives are appointed by the government. After the reform of the constitutional court, all decisions of the Polish constitutional court must be passed by a majority of 2/3 in the future, while the current provisions only require a simple majority. French newspaper Le Figaro said on the 10th that tens of thousands of Polish people marched in Warsaw and other cities on the 9th to protest the new media law. The European Parliament will hold a meeting on the 19th to discuss the new policy implemented by the Polish government. German weekly Der Spiegel said on the 11th that Kaczynski, leader of Poland's ruling party law and Justice Party, accused the EU political bending tester of interfering with Poland's revision of the law on the evening of the 10th, and said he would implement the new regulations. On the same day, Poland also summoned the German ambassador on the "anti wave remarks of German politicians"

Polish Foreign Minister vashchkowski previously said in an interview with Bild that Warsaw knew that among all PORON sealing materials, Germany was "the key voice in the European chorus". But Germans must ask themselves whether they regard Poland as a buffer zone against Russia or a provider of cheap labor. German weekly focus said that since the outbreak of the refugee crisis last year, there has been a gap between Poland and Germany and other EU countries. The new Polish government is seeking to strengthen relations with Britain, Hungary and others, and may even withdraw from the EU

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