The hottest European Union decided to impose tarif

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According to media reports, in order to protect the interests of polyethylene producers in EU countries, the EU recently decided to impose tariffs on polyethylene plastic films that should be cleaned from Israel and Brazil

in order to oppose India's "dumping" and subsidy measures, the EU imposed an import tariff of 62.6% on plastic films from India in 1999 and 2001, and then the EU's imports from Israel and Pakistan increased. The EU's adoption of the above measures has also prevented Indian exporters from bypassing the export of plastic films from Israel and Pakistan to the European market in order to avoid tariffs

in order to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development in Western European countries, due to the characteristics of high strength and light weight of PAN based carbon fiber composites, plastic film products of about US $1billion are needed every year, which are mainly used in food packaging, refrigerators and video magnetic tapes

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