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The European Union announced the new standard for green procurement of coatings and road marking products in the public sector

the European Union announced the new standard for green procurement of coatings and road marking products in the public sector

February 1, 2018

[China paint information]

recently, the European Commission announced the latest standard for green public procurement (hereinafter referred to as "GPP") developed by the coating products and road marking products group

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coating products include floor paint, products colored by distributors according to the requirements of professional decorators, decorative coatings with liquid or paste formula, wood coatings, masonry coatings, and metal finishing primers, as well as primers of such product systems. Road marking paint products include normal temperature solvent road marking paint, hot-melt reflective road marking paint, raised vibration reflective road marking paint, water-based reflective road marking paint, hot-melt anti-skid road marking paint (color pavement), preformed marking tape, color anti-skid marking (polyurethane acrylic acid), polyurea elastic anti-skid marking paint, etc

it is stipulated in the latest published coating product standards of the European Union that the bidder should provide coating formula documents to explain the content of white pigments. The content of white pigment (white inorganic pigment with refractive index higher than 1.8) in the dry film of paint used indoors shall be equal to or less than 38 g/m2; The white pigment content of the dry film in the paint used outdoors (white inorganic pigment with refractive index higher than 1.8) should be equal to or low, so that the guide sleeve on the swing rod drives the sample to make a ± 90 ° zigzag at 40, which has reached the international advanced level g/m2; The white pigment content (white inorganic pigment with refractive index higher than 1.8) of the dry film in the primer and primer shall be equal to or less than 25 g/m2. In addition, the bidder shall also provide the content of volatile organic compounds in the coating. Products with volatile organic compounds content less than 1.0 g/l shall be tested according to ISO 17895 standard. At the same time, according to EU regulation (EC) no 1272/2008, the bidder shall provide appropriate documents to confirm that the paint products supplied are not listed in the highly toxic hazard label, or cause organ disease, cancer, environmental harm and other risks

for the performance of the contract of inserting the test piece into the collet and then granting the clamped product after coating production, the new standard developed this time requires the bidder to promise to use paint products that meet the requirements of EU green public procurement in the coating contract. The bidder is required to submit the waste management plan of the substrate and materials. The plan includes the explanation of safe paint removal, equipment cleaning, waste and unused paint treatment methods; Description of specific measures taken by the bidder to reduce waste or not use paint during the performance of the contract; How does the bidder supervise the disposal of paint waste through the terms of contract performance

in some cases, due to technical reasons, such as repairing historical buildings, in order to maintain the original characteristics of the painted surface, the paint may not meet the requirements of the EU green public procurement standard. The purchaser needs to evaluate the specific needs and availability of alternative solutions, and can exempt GPP from the requirements for paints, varnishes and other coatings if necessary

as for road marking products, the new standard stipulates that products containing volatile organic compounds should be selected. 4. Ready to use products with good weather resistance, and the maximum content of volatile organic compounds should not exceed 150 g/L. The exception is that when the road marking products purchased by the purchaser are used in weather conditions with relative air humidity greater than 80% and air temperature lower than 5 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃, the use of low concentration volatile organic compound products should be prevented. At this time, the total content of volatile organic compounds shall not exceed 395 g/L

in addition, the new standard requires bidders to provide data on the composition and content of raw materials and a guarantee statement, that is, the products do not use specifically excluded solvents; It does not contain chlorinated solvents, such as dichloromethane, chloroform and chlorinated alkanes; Excluding aromatic solvents, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene; Ethylene glycol ether, acetic acid, ethyl ester and other compounds

it is understood that the tenderer also needs to provide the test report that the road marking system meets the contract conditions or the approval certificate of the national test facilities. In order to ensure comparability, the purchasing unit requires the bidder to indicate the test method used in the bid. At the same time, the tenderer's waste management plan shall include safety signs, equipment cleaning, waste, disposal of unused road signs and method statements, as well as measures taken to minimize waste and unused road sign materials

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