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European publishers must prepare for the value-added tax reform in 2015

European publishers are reminded to prepare as soon as possible for the comprehensive changes that will be brought about by the introduction of the new value-added tax system in 2015. From January 1st, 2015, the value-added tax treatment methods for e-commerce, including e-book sales, will be changed all over Europe. The tax law will be applied according to the country where the consumer lives rather than the tax law where the supplier headquarters is located

in mid September, at the road seminar held by the British Association of independent publishers and the British publishers association, accountants Luigi langrera and Ian singer of little John accounting firm, as well as Andrew Webb of the British revenue and customs administration, put forward suggestions to publishers on the implementation of the new value-added tax system. Langrera warned: most British publishers will be affected. British publishers are relatively inexperienced in value-added tax affairs, because printed books are not included in the value-added tax collection, but I strongly suggest that they should participate in and pay close attention to this matter now. Instead of implementing a separate VAT rebate for each EU member state, a better way is to build a mini one-stop shopping store (MOSS), which provides an optional service, so that enterprises can only register in one country

langrera reminded publishers to clearly understand the impact of all expansion molding processes with retailers on the structure and performance of PLA microcellular foam products, and how to agree on the applicable tax methods in the contract. He said: there are great differences between what channels and where to sell, for example, through Amazon or through the publisher's own website. Publishers need to be aware of the relevant transaction terms and arrangements in the contract. Singh said: all publishers' IT services will be affected, from their e-commerce platforms to bibliographic information materials. Now there is a clear date limit for the implementation of the new tax measures. Publishers should act quickly and start the process of response

and move towards a key period of high truth in the industry

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