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On February 25th, 2021, under the guidance of Shanghai urban operation management center and Shanghai Huangpu District People's government, the conference of digital governance achievements of Shanghai urban minimum management unit hosted by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Shanghai Huangpu District Urban Transportation Center

Zhao Qi, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai municipal Party committee and municipal government, director of Shanghai urban operation management center, Shen Shanzhou, deputy secretary of Shanghai Huangpu District Party committee and head of Shanghai Huangpu District, deputy director of the general office of Shanghai Municipal People's government and executive deputy director of Shanghai urban operation management rubber and metal materials are generally specified as dumbbell test center, and Cao Zejun, vice president of Huawei China, Zhou Yuefeng, vice president of Huawei cloud and BG computing, jointly released the digital governance results of the city's smallest management unit, helping Shanghai's urban fine management level to a new level and taking a key step in the implementation of Shanghai's urban intelligence

at the launching ceremony, all parties to the release also proposed that based on this release, we should jointly use hi ant technology solutions to create an innovative scene for the landing of 100 Shanghai Urban agents, develop 100 Urban Digital Transformation partners, jointly promote the construction of Shanghai Urban agents, and help Shanghai's digital transformation

this release is jointly innovated by Shanghai Huangpu District urban operation management center and Huawei. Nanjing building, a famous historical building on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, is selected as the minimum management unit of urban digital governance for pilot. Based on the urban agent reference architecture, relying on Huawei cloud and OpenLab platform, it integrates Huawei cloud, big data, AI, edge computing, 5g and other advanced technologies, and works together with ecopartners such as CETC digital and Weizhi, Jointly create a digital twin Innovation scenario of urban agents

among them, through spatial geographic data, building plan/elevation/section/pipeline CAD drawings, architectural renderings/real photos and other relevant information, the building and its surroundings are ultra-fine modeled, and the 3D rendering engine is used to realize the visual restoration of the appearance, internal structure and surrounding streets of the building with large (3) obvious processing cost advantages

at the same time, in order to meet the management requirements of real-time digitization of market subjects and government management subjects, the building is made alive by accessing multidimensional real-time dynamic data such as government business data, professional organization data, IOT perception data, store management data, environmental data and so on. It realizes the digital twinning of the building based on 1:1 living, and perceives and manages the building from the perspective of life and organism. In addition, a systematic vital signs system is also built to support the intuitive and clear identification of the explicit and implicit problems existing in the building, so as to realize the real-time prediction, real-time discovery and real-time disposal of urban operation management

in order to better integrate innovative ICT technology with urban governance and truly integrate into all links of urban governance, the average flow of one pulse cycle can be used to store the excess flow during the period. At the smart Shanghai and Youwei Shanghai City Summit on December 15 last year, the main bodies of Shanghai city construction officially jointly released the urban agent. However, how to make it real, apply it to specific scenes, and solve practical problems has become the most important topic at present. The release of the digital governance results of the city's smallest management unit is the first step to promote the implementation of Shanghai Urban agents

focus on the big picture and start small. Under the new model of mega city governance in the future, every smallest management unit of urban operation is an intelligent organism. Through the connection and aggregation between them, a complete, complex and organic urban life is finally formed

Huawei will work together with the Shanghai municipal government and industry partners to build this model into a benchmark and replicate it to the whole Shanghai City, even the whole country and the world. Through the construction of urban agents, we will finally realize the beautiful vision of perceiving a building, connecting a street, intelligent a district and warming a city in Shanghai, and show the world a new realm of the rule of China

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