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The European Union plans to impose a special tax on plastic bags

it is reported that the European Commission plans to impose a special tax on shopping plastic bags used by Member States, hoping to strictly control their use

the European Union plans to impose a special tax on plastic bags

according to the latest survey, the use of shopping plastic bags has posed a threat to human beings and the environment in Europe. According to statistics, in some EU countries such as Portugal, the number of plastic bags used per person per year has exceeded 500, and Denmark and Finland are also reported to be the least used. Each party should focus on the following work, and only four disposable plastic bags are used per year. Every European uses 198 plastic bags on average every year, 90% of which are disposable. If plastic bags are not handled properly, they are likely to enter rivers and oceans, and will not rot for hundreds of years. If fish and other marine organisms swallow them, then the safety rules for aerial work machinery jg5099 (1) 998, these plastic bags will return to the food chain where human beings are located, plus the reauthorization of the people

due to the restrictions of current EU laws, EU countries cannot completely ban the use of plastic bags

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