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The first batch of new street lamps were installed in Helsinki, Finland. The color temperature of these street lamps can be changed all day long

according to foreign media, this week, 45 street lights were opened on a 2-kilometer road in the suburb of kruunuurenranta - its color temperature changed from cold 5000K to warm 3000K

if the next batch of 1000 street lamps is planned to be installed normally in the next 12 months, this project may become the largest tunable warm street lighting project in Europe

the idea behind the project - including complex dimming schemes - is to help alleviate the impact of long winter nights on Residents' mood. This concept was proposed by London lighting design studio Speirs + major in a design competition for new residential areas

in the early afternoon, the light is set to cool, and the 5000K tensile testing machine produces a huge tensile force, which turns into a warm 3000K in the evening. Later, the weather became cooler, and then adjusted to 4000K, rising to 5000K at 11 p.m

complete schedule



(23:: 00): 25%

(01:: 00): 50%

(05:: 00): 25%


(23:: 00): 40%

(01:: 00): 60%

(05:: 00): 40%

color matching:

(14:: 00): 5000k

(17:: 30): gradually turn to 3000k

(17:: 00): 3000k

(21:: 30): gradually transfer to 4000k

(21:: 00): 4000k

(23:: 30): gradually change to 5000k

(23:: 30): 5000k

(05:: 30): gradually transfer to 4000k

(06:: 00): 4000k

(08:: 00): gradually transfer to 5000k

manufacturer orangetek has transformed its existing product Ignis 2, which is specially used for kruunuurenranta. The control management system regulates two LED arrays, one 3000K and the other 5000K

"the control of color temperature shift is very good," said Nigel parry, the head of orangetek. "The eyes can easily see the change of light color throughout the night."

"customers are very satisfied with the installation, but the real test will be the coming winter. We really look forward to the feedback from residents." He said

China's "China created" multi-color temperature and haze prevention led artificial intelligence street lamp

(commonly known as "chameleon" LED street lamp)

in fact, China has long made major breakthroughs in LED related technology and application

for example, the "China created" multi-color temperature and haze prevention led artificial intelligence street lamp independently developed by Chongqing Green Technology Development (Group) Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise and Chongqing LED intelligent control technology Engineering Research Center, was popular in domestic and foreign markets as early as five years ago. It has a number of proprietary intellectual property patented technologies, including: intelligent centralized controller, intelligent terminal multi-color temperature anti haze, brightness adjustable controller, multi-color temperature anti haze, brightness adjustable LED lighting street lamp and other hardware manufacturing technology, automatic sensing temperature, humidity, PM2.5, rain water and other intelligent sensing technology, all-weather acquisition cable, lamp theft module

it is understood that the invention of this technology is a disruptive revolution in the application and manufacturing history of LED intelligent street lamps in the world, and fills the blank of "multi-color temperature" artificial intelligence lighting of urban street lamps

the street lamp adopts three primary color LED light source to glow all kinds of "natural light" lighting, with richer chromatogram and softer light; Machine learning algorithm is implanted into the system. Artificial intelligence collects data such as temperature and humidity according to the needs of human senses for light color temperature under different temperatures and seasonal environments. After "self-learning", the light color temperature is finely adjusted to 3500K to 5700k, that is, from warm white "sunrise" light environment to snow-white "shade" light environment lighting; Under severe weather conditions such as rain, fog, haze, snow, sand and dust, collect PM2.5, temperature, humidity, rain and other data, and the artificial intelligence system accurately adjusts the light to the yellow light "sunset" light environment with a color temperature of 3000K. By using the characteristics of good diffraction, high scattering intensity and radiation wavelength of yellow light, the light penetration ability is stronger, and the driving safety problem is effectively solved. Four season mode can be set in the system: for example, in spring and autumn, the color temperature of light can be adjusted to 4300k (warm white light, more comfortable); In summer, the color temperature of light can be adjusted to 5500k (white light, cooler); In winter, rainy days, foggy days and haze days, the light color temperature of the lamp can be adjusted to 3500K (yellow light, stronger penetration), meeting the lighting requirements under different conditions. At the same time, the system can realize remote intelligent control. In different periods of time, the light can adjust a variety of brightness modes, including day mode, night mode and so on. On the premise of ensuring excellent lighting uniformity, according to the requirements of tunnel lighting and urban lighting for brightness changes in different periods of time, the system can intelligently adjust the light brightness, ensure driving safety, and achieve two (more) times of energy saving, It effectively eliminates the dark lighting area caused by closing the control circuit or turning off the lights at intervals, and solves the problem of hidden dangers of traffic safety. Through intelligent terminal perception, real-time monitoring of the operation of each lamp on each road

▲ the color of street lamps changes according to the fact that lighting is closely related to another key word of the new deal for new energy vehicles in 2017 (white light 5500k)

in December 2017, Chongqing Green Technology Development (Group) Co., Ltd. signed relevant reconstruction contracts with Helan County, and implemented intelligent reconstruction of high-pressure sodium lamps on more than 100 Urban Roads in the whole city of the county, including Yinhe Road, 109 line, Huayuan Road, Hongqiao Road, etc., with a total of more than 7000 lamps. On June 27th, 2018, the project was officially completed

in addition, the technology is also in Yongchuan new urban area of Chongqing, Hechuan new urban area, Caiyuan road and Longjiawan in Yuzhong District. Maybe such a situation can be considered, such as Huangsha River, eling, Yuanjiagang lawn tunnel, Chayuan slag yard Road, Fenglin Road, and Erfeng Branch Road in Nan'an District, Shuangfu Park in Jiangjin District, Longteng Avenue in Tongliang District, Shixin Road, Shiping bridge, chenjiaping tunnel in Jiulongpo District, Hanyu road in Shapingba District, and the whole campus road of the Army Medical University, Yingbin Avenue in Fengdu County, the whole urban area of Yunyang County, the toll stations and service areas along the G50 Chongqing Chongqing Fuling expressway, as well as Tieshanping, Huashan, huangcaoshan, tongxinzhai, miaobao tunnels, the toll stations and service areas along the g5013 Chongqing Chengdu expressway, Qingmuguan tunnel of Chongqing Suining Expressway and other more than 100 Urban green lighting projects have been widely used

this technology "shines brightly" at the first China International Intelligent Industry Expo, attracting the attention of lighting authorities from Tianjin, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guizhou, Ningxia and other provinces and autonomous regions; At present, it is negotiating industrialization cooperation with Wanguo holding group, Hong Kong Denghui Lighting Group Co., Ltd., Ecuador altaten power company and Shenzhen Songsheng Electronics Co., Ltd

at present, "the vulnerable parts of China's innovative experimental machine are made of jaws" multi-color temperature and haze prevention LED street lamp technology, leading the world in the field of urban street lamp lighting

[: Cheng Zhanpeng]

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