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It is reported that the European Parliament recently voted to restrict the use of PVC plastics, suggesting the promotion of polymerized green paper to replace PVC plastics in the production of children's toys, medical devices and other products. At the same time, poly (aryl ether ketone) (peak) is a kind of polymer formed by the connection of phenylene ring through ether bond and carbonyl group. It should be prohibited to add lead, cadmium and other chemical components to PVC through legislation rather than industry self-discipline. All products made of PVC should be marked in the product label because of the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries

it is understood that some countries have adopted policies to restrict the use of PVC products, such as the Netherlands has banned PVC from being used in product packaging; Belgium once imposed an 'ecological tax' on PVC mineral water bottles

according to a recent test of 16 kinds of PVC floors conducted by a German consumer magazine "ecological identification", 15 of them contain a highly toxic compound 'TBT'. This is one of the most toxic compounds produced and used at present. Therefore, some experts warned that the production and use of PVC plastic flooring must be stopped immediately

take the S-type sensor as an example to state:

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