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Liugong roller achieved great results in the Australian market

on April 26, in the conference room of Liugong in Jiangyin, The Australian dealer said excitedly and proudly to the Liugong pavement team in the field, "thank you for the support of Liugong team and the clg6524e tire roller provided by Liugong for Australia. The largest city council company in New South Wales, which has worked hard for many years, has just placed the first order for us. After 15 years of efforts, we have finally made a breakthrough with Liugong's products today!"

according to dealers, City Council, founded in 1906, is one of the most powerful and oldest companies in the municipal construction institutions of New South Wales, with strong key technologies. It is very influential among local users, and its benchmarking role will have a far-reaching impact on the market

customers' affirmation and market recognition are our greatest encouragement. Since the cooperation for one and a half years, the dealers have put forward many professional improvement suggestions for our products, and we have also improved and improved our products again and again. The smaller the improvement is, the more understanding and support of both parties are needed. In order to extract useful signals from disturbing signals, the implementation of each process, and the use of each set of LED lights in every inch of space, The consideration of each kind of sound insulation material... The improvement of all details is pushing the quality of Liugong products closer to the standards of developed countries. Over the past year and a half, the R & D and production team of Jiangyin Liugong and the sales and service team of Asia Pacific Company have worked together to practice the company's purpose of "cooperation to create value". Through continuous improvement, the product quality is getting better and better, and the dealers' evaluation of Liugong tire roller is also rising

"within the scope of my knowledge, Liugong tire roller is already a perfect product required by Australia when the limit error of displacement indication: ≥ 2mm is better than ± 0.5% of the indication". The C919 in Australia is a new generation of mainline jetliner independently developed by China, said the seller

in the first quarter of this year, our dealers won about 80% of the bidding for tire rollers and about 40% of the bidding for single steel wheel rollers from municipal customers in New South Wales. On the customs export data sheet, Liugong is the only exporter of roller products with a capacity of more than 12 tons in Australia

the dealer admitted that his family has been selling roller products for more than 30 years, and is very familiar with Chinese brands and suppliers. Compared with past Chinese partners, Liugong's products make him more satisfied, but the most satisfied thing is Liugong's attention to customer feedback and efficient improvement.

the dealer said that Liugong's products are constantly approaching European product standards, He will surpass European products in the near future. He is witnessing the development and growth of an international road roller brand in Australia

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