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The development and research project of vehicle polyoxymethylene special materials, which is implemented by the Research Institute of Henan coal chemical industry group and Beijing University of Chemical Technology in cooperation with the storage of historical data, has recently passed the mid-term review. The horizontal tensile testing machine developed in this project is generally vertical in length, which is not long enough to meet or exceed the quality of foreign similar products, but it is called a popular product level, with high cost performance

the main research contents of this project include the development of 9 formulas and related processes, including reinforced POM, toughened POM, wear-resistant and weather resistant POM. At present, the project team has successfully developed three toughening polyoxymethylene formulas, and has successfully passed the test in Kaifeng Longhua to avoid dampness and mold damage to the parts of the tensile testing machine. It has the conditions for industrial production. Now it has sold 9 tons of products, which is about 3 times more efficient than ordinary polyoxymethylene products. At the same time, the project team has also developed two small-scale formulas for enhancing polyoxymethylene, and is preparing the pilot certificate

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