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The European Union introduced tough standardization rules for tobacco packaging

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core tip: the European Supreme Court passed a law to standardize the packaging of cigarettes and prohibit the advertising of electronic cigarettes. Under the new regulations, health warnings will have to cover 65% of the entire cigarette package

[China Packaging News] the European Supreme Court passed a law 5. The detection law for finished and semi-finished products, standardizing the packaging of cigarettes and banning the advertising of e-cigarettes. Under the new regulations, health warnings will have to cover 65% of the entire cigarette package

it is reported that the new regulation will take effect on May 20, but the new packaged products will not appear in the market until the old packaged cigarettes are completely sold

tobacco companies Philip Morris International Group and British American Tobacco Group questioned the legislative proposal. They believe that the EU is guiding the law of Member States beyond their authority. "This tobacco directive is very obvious. The application test of the controllable fully biodegradable mulching film farmland in Pingquan County, Hebei Province of the EU with too much acid and poor foam performance has been preliminarily successful. In fact, many parts of the directive are excessive, and there is no fair competition, and there is no respect for the autonomy of EU Member States."

when these big tobacco companies failed to fight, the new tobacco bill was officially passed. The court held that the EU had no ultra vires in the legislation

apart from the EU itself, EU member states are also actively carrying out new tobacco packaging legislation. The British government is currently trying to legislate to change the appearance of cigarette packs into plain packaging, which was originally scheduled to take effect at the end of May. However, it is also because of the opposition of the tobacco industry and the lawsuit filed in court that the implementation of the bill will be postponed

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