ACFA will hold an interactive CTP process Webinar

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Agfa will hold an interactive CTP process networking seminar

recently, Agfa announced that it will take the lead in providing educational "webinars" to printers and prepress experts around the world. Agfa will use innovative networking technology to provide two free seminars to printers who are ready to profit from the CTP workflow from the end of January

the vice president of AGFA output system said: "Nowadays, small and medium-sized printers are under various pressures on how to reduce costs and improve production efficiency and quality. The CTP process of computer direct plate making can help them achieve this goal. We hope to provide them with practical information to help them make a smooth transition to the CTP process. A few years ago, customers were constrained by CTP technology and huge investment, which deterred them. Now customers have more choices and investment experience Fees have also been reduced. This type of seminar is designed to help printers understand technology options. "

Mr. Littrell has been engaged in the use, development, marketing and technical support of CTP system for more than 20 years. He will deliver a speech at the seminar entitled "today's CTP technology - what is your right choice?", "Implementation of CTP process - what should you know?"

at the same time, prepress expert Brian alterio, Agfa printing plate expert Tony king, Agfa workflow expert Michael Jahn, and Agfa System Engineer Dave Romano will also participate in this networking seminar

according to Agfa, participating in this seminar does not require high technology. As long as apple is used to mass produce the most uncertain machine or PC access Internet for investment, a standard web browser, and a computer, participants will be able to see and hear the seminar site, participate in audience surveys, and submit questions they need to be solved by the presenter or host

each networking seminar lasts about 1 hour. From January 29th to March After detailed evaluation and analysis, Agfa will provide services every week between the 7th. Please refer to the detailed schedule and registration information:

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