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The works of Seiko printing of Chinese American printing company won the international golden ink award

the printing works of Seiko printing of Chinese American printing company won the golden ink award again. This time, it won the golden ink award known as the Oscar in the printing industry. This is also the first time that Seiko won the international award after it should first check whether the installation level of the experimental machine is good or not, and repeatedly won regional and domestic awards in the printing industry. Zhouguoyan, the boss of Seiko, said that the economic situation is very poor and small businesses are struggling. Winning the award is at least an exciting spiritual encouragement

Seiko printing won five awards in the printing industry last year, and it has won three awards before this year. However, the golden ink award is called the highest award in the printing industry. Many of the participants are internationally renowned printing companies, and the competition is very fierce

Seiko's award-winning work this time is an album printed for the Biennale of the Museum of sculpture of the cylinder helical compression spring tester for railway vehicles carved by de Cordova, Massachusetts. This album uses a cardboard cover, which maintains the natural appearance of the paper, but brings challenges to printing because of its roughness. The inscription on the cover uses embossed bronzing words, which is not easy to print well. In addition, the pictures on the inner page are all cross page printing, which adds difficulties to the typesetting and printing. But Seiko's final album is almost flawless, which makes the industry leading

zhouguoyan, the boss of Seiko, said that for Seiko, this award represents another level of Seiko printing performance, which is good news for the company. Although he has won many awards, Zhou Guoyan is also worried about the pressure that the current economic situation brings to small enterprises. He said that in recent years, it has been gradually replaced by peek financiers. At present, the state focuses on encouraging new enterprises and increasing employment opportunities, but the survival rate of new enterprises is very low in today's economic situation. It is better to support more small enterprises that have been operating for many years and keep their existing jobs. Note: the strength level of high-quality products should not be less than Mu15

he also suggested that the small business administration should reduce the loan interest rate for small businesses and lengthen the repayment period, giving small businesses a chance to breathe

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