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Design and application of multifunctional wheel dresser

1 introduction

in the grinding of precision parts, the grinding of circular arc surface, especially the grinding of inner raceway of outer ring of bearing and outer raceway of inner ring, is a technical difficulty, and the dressing of wheel plays an important role in grinding accuracy. Traditional grinding wheel dressing is manual dressing by grinding wheel dressing pen, or dressing by forming dresser (such as roller). However, the grinding wheel trimmed by these two methods will produce arc shape errors, which will affect the shape accuracy of the workpiece after machining. There are two reasons that affect the dressing accuracy of grinding wheel: one is the accuracy of the dresser itself; Second, improper operation. If the dresser deviates from the horizontal plane passing through the center line of the grinding wheel due to improper operation of the worker when manually trimming the grinding wheel with the grinding wheel trimming pen, then at the trimming pen tip a, the motion track of the trimming pen is an arc curve 2 in the horizontal plane, while the cross-sectional shape of the grinding wheel in the OA plane is an elliptical arc 1, resulting in the shape error of the grinding wheel trimming (as shown in Figure 1)

Figure 1 error caused by the fact that the tip of the grinding wheel trimming pen is not on the same horizontal line with the center of the grinding wheel

in addition, due to the different arc diameters of the grinding wheel to be repaired, many shaping dressers with different radii are required during trimming, which not only increases the number of dressers. 2. The company has a fixed number of maintenance service departments and professional maintenance engineers, which is also very inconvenient to use. Therefore, we have designed an adjustable multifunctional grinding wheel dresser. The following focuses on its basic structure and working principle

2 structure design and working principle

the structure of adjustable multifunctional grinding wheel adjuster is shown in Figure 2. When working, install the dresser on the workbench of the grinder and adjust its height so that the tip of the trimming pen 1 is the same height as the center of the grinding wheel

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of the structure of the wheel dresser

for different cross-sectional shapes of the wheel to be trimmed, the dressing can be achieved by moving the intermediate shaft 6 and engaging different gears

when the cross-section shape of the grinding wheel to be trimmed is an arc, move the intermediate shaft 6 to the left through the handle 9 to mesh the bevel gears 2 and 3 (as shown in Figure 2), and disconnect the gear 4 from the rack 5 at the same time. Turn the handle 9, and transfer the rotation to the trimming pen 1 through the intermediate shaft 6 and the bevel gear pair 2 and 3, so that the trimming pen tip rotates and swings around the axis of the bevel gear 2. In order to maintain the meshing state during use, it is necessary to go through the? Bit device 7. According to the different processing requirements, you can adjust the grinding wheel trimming pen by rotating the knurled runner on the right side, which causes the customer to have the phenomenon of line jamming or automatic fracture in the printing process. The left and right positions of the sharp point can realize the trimming of the inner and outer arc grinding wheels (see Figure 2). The specific method is (see Figure 3): when trimming the inner arc grinding wheel, move the trimming pen to the left. When the trimmed grinding wheel is an outer arc, adjust the grinding wheel pen to move to the right, so that the pen tip moves to the right beyond the axis of the rotating shaft (i.e. the axis of bevel gear 2). The radius of the grinding wheel trimming arc depends on the relative moving distance between the pen tip and the rotating axis

Figure 3 adjustment of the tip position of the internal and external arc trimming pen

when grinding the plane and cylindrical surface, the cross-section shape of the grinding wheel to be trimmed is flat. Because the force value when stretching these samples is large and straight, it can be trimmed only by cleaning the longitudinal moving trimming pen. Move the handle 9 to move the intermediate shaft 6 to the right. At this time, the bevel gear pair 2 and 3 are disengaged, the gear 4 is meshed with the rack 5, and then rotate the handle 9, which is driven by the gear 4. The whole left end part moves longitudinally through the rack 5 and drives the trimming pen 1 to move longitudinally to realize the dressing of the grinding wheel. At this time, in order to prevent the bevel gear 2 from rotating, it needs to be locked with a locking screw (not shown in the figure). The left and right parts of the dresser are connected through dovetail grooves, and their fitting accuracy is required to meet the accuracy requirements of longitudinal movement

3 use effect

the wheel dresser can easily trim wheels with different shapes through rapid adjustment

the grinding wheel can be trimmed by moving the position of the trimming pen tip left and right

for grinding wheels with different diameters, the height of the grinding wheel pen can be adjusted conveniently and quickly to achieve the same height with the center of the grinding wheel, so as to improve the accuracy of the trimmed section shape. (end)

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