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Market analysis: the printer market has a good prospect

from 2004 to 2009, China's GDP grew by an average of% per year. In these five years, the compound growth rate of printers reached 7.4%, and the compound growth rate of all-in-one machines reached 31%. Hewlett Packard, Fuji Xerox and others made more efforts in 2010. New products took turns to enter the market and old products were promoted continuously, which made the whole printer market show a gorgeous scene of flowers blooming

with the continuous development of technology, the printer market has shown the colorization of the high-end market, the increasing demand for color business in the middle-end market, and the low-end market still pays the most attention to the purchase cost and use cost. At the same time, laser printers still occupy an undisputed dominant position in terms of printing speed, printing quality and printing load compared with inkjet printers. Led printers are also showing an upward trend with the participation of more manufacturers. Next, let's take a look at some key factors that make the products occupy a dominant position in the promising printer market

In 2010, many manufacturers competed to launch their own advantageous new products. The new product release of HP smart hit series was also held in the autumn of 2010, which further extended the concept of printing life. Under the guidance of technology, Fuji Xerox continues to improve the performance and cost performance of printing products

policy support is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulators. At the same time, old technology manufacturers such as Fuji Xerox have also further strengthened the promotion and publicity of old products. Although many printer products have been on the market for more than three years, unlike other digital products, which are updated with short frequency and fast speed, many classic models in printers are even brighter after being tested by the market and praised by consumers. Printer products driven by technology have a longer survival rate in the market. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that under the compound growth rate of 7.4% in the printer market in 2010, the compound growth rate of Fuji Xerox printer was as high as 41.6%, which was far higher than the average level of the industry, maintaining a strong growth trend. The guide wheels on both sides of the workbench contacted the first side of the pillar

pay equal attention to technology and marketing

the two camps of printers are divided into technology camp and marketing camp. In the past, we have seen that the two camps have made frequent moves in their own advantageous fields. In 2010, this move became more comprehensive. From HP's smart printing in the marketing camp to Yunda's tree industry packaging printing set up with its own funds this time, the technical moves are dizzying; Then to Fuji in the technology camp, we also need a process Xerox classic printer series publicity, as well as a series of large-scale promotional activities of Fuji Xerox. For a time, major printer manufacturers pay more and more attention to comprehensive development, and promote technology and marketing synchronously

With the development of the times, users' demand for office quality will continue to increase, and color office will become the general trend. Users' demand for printers mainly includes single function equipment and multi-function equipment, among which the market demand for all-in-one machines will continue to grow. In the future, with the rapid development of economy, the printer market will have a bright future

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