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Analysis of China's packaging and printing industry (V)

3. Strengthen scientific and technological innovation and create an innovative environment

I think our industry has "two deficiencies" in Innovation: first, lack of innovation atmosphere. At present, some enterprises, such as technological breakthrough and technological innovation, are often limited to their own enterprises, and a few technicians work behind closed doors, afraid of stealing the results. This mood is understandable, because the competition is too fierce and cruel. However, the probability of success of this method is too low, because in today's packaging and printing technology, a technological innovation may require the joint cooperation of professionals from multiple disciplines, and an enterprise is unlikely and unnecessary to reserve professional technicians from all related disciplines. Besides, it is impossible for all professional technicians in an enterprise to have the best professional skills in the industry. Therefore, this innovative model of multi-party cooperation and joint research is an inefficient model based on mutual distrust, which is an undesirable model. I believe that technological innovation makes extensive use of social scientific and technological resources, adopts the cooperation of enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other parties, and defines their respective rights and obligations in the form of contract on the basis of integrity, implements the sharing of costs and achievements, and creates a loose and honest innovation atmosphere to improve the efficiency of innovation

second, lack of innovation motivation. This can be seen from two aspects: the first level is the lack of motivation of professional and technical personnel. Because at present, after an innovative project is successful, the achievements often belong to the enterprise, and the scientific and technological personnel can get a few bonuses at most. The benefits that the achievements will bring to the enterprise in the future have nothing to do with the project researchers, which will certainly frustrate the enthusiasm of professional and technical personnel. In my opinion, whether this can also be stimulated by the way of Commission on key personnel of the project in the form of contract in advance, so as to mobilize their enthusiasm and increase their motivation for innovation

second, enterprises lack motivation. As an innovative project, it needs to be invested in advance. This is a kind of venture capital. Success pays off, and failure is lost. In the context of fierce competition and declining benefits, many packaging and printing enterprises have doubts about this kind of venture capital. To this end, I think the government should make a difference in this regard by formulating corresponding policies to enhance the innovation momentum of enterprises. As far as I know, a scientific research project invested by a wind Research Institute in the United States is usually funded by one or several corporate consortia, and then a research group is formed to determine the project leader. All these are operated according to the contract with a year-on-year increase of 50%. Scientific research achievements belong to investors, and the government gives all investors' investment funds tax exemption (in the United States, about 40% of the income is used for tax payment) to protect investors' investment enthusiasm. In this regard, can our government also refer to some successful practices abroad to stimulate the innovation momentum of our enterprises

4. Strengthen the cooperation and supporting facilities in the industry, and gradually realize the production and operation mode of "big, strong and small"

in order to solve the problem of insufficient refined product capacity and excess production capacity of general products in our industry, I think it is crucial to strengthen internal cooperation and supporting facilities in the industry. Now, as a large advantageous enterprise, it has strong financial strength, strong technical force, high personnel quality and strong supporting ability. It can solve all problems by itself from the entry of materials to the output of final products, which requires a lot of investment. As we all know, the subsequent processing of packaging and printing is relatively complex, such as glazing, laminating, calendering, die cutting, bronzing, indentation, tile mounting, gluing box, etc., which requires various equipment. Many powerful production enterprises not only extend and move backward vertically to post press processing, but also extend and move first to prepress. Even the materials of printing substrate are produced by themselves. For example, the printing plastic film of Shanghai Zijiang color printing company is produced by the company itself (now it has just been compiled into an independent entity). At the same time, the production of large enterprises is expanding horizontally. For example, Shanghai Jielong group, Shanghai People's printing No. 8 factory and other enterprises, which mainly focus on offset printing, have strong post-processing capacity, and also have gravure printing, printing, flexographic printing and other printing equipment

the products produced by these powerful large enterprises are basically superior refined products. The competition between them is high-end competition, and it is difficult for ordinary small enterprises to compete with them

How can small enterprises get rid of low-level competition? In my opinion, strengthening internal cooperation and supporting facilities in the industry is a more feasible way. Because small enterprises are limited by their strength, it is impossible for them to invest in many equipment. If they want to invest more equipment with limited funds, the grade of these equipment will certainly not be high, and the quality of their processed products will not be good. Therefore, we should only use the limited funds on a certain professional processing equipment to make ourselves a professional factory of a certain processing technology in the industry. We should be very "professional" and reflect our own characteristics. If small enterprises become a factory with very professional processing technology, and the construction measures of XPS board for external wall external insulation system are clear, and small enterprises cooperate with each other to form an industrial processing chain, I believe that these small enterprises can also produce high-quality refined products. In this way, the quality level of our whole industry will reach a great level, which has successful experience in the carton industry

there were many small factories in the carton industry in the past. Due to the simple equipment, the strength of the produced cardboard was very low, which directly affected the quality of cartons. A few years ago, under the call and coordination of the industry association, through the method of "centralized board making and decentralized box making", small enterprises did not need to introduce expensive cardboard production lines and directly purchased cardboard from large enterprises. These paperboards are produced by the paperboard production line of large enterprises, with high quality and strength. Small enterprises use this kind of paperboard to form cartons through die cutting and sticking nails, and the quality is completely comparable to that of large enterprises. This is the supporting chemical products brought by social cooperation to the whole industry will also usher in more development opportunities and positive changes

all countries in the world are very optimistic about the prospects of China's economic development and are full of confidence in China's economic development. China's packaging and printing industry is an emerging industry sharing weal and woe with China's economic development. Although China's packaging and printing industry has now entered a low profit era, the development of China's economy will inevitably provide greater development space and opportunities for the packaging and printing industry. Therefore, I am also full of confidence in the prospects of China's packaging and printing industry. I believe that tomorrow will be better than today. In line with China's economic power, China's packaging and printing power will inevitably exist in the near future if the oil pipe breaks to stand on the world economic stage

the above is only our initial understanding of the development of China's packaging and printing industry in our work in the industry. Leaders and industry experts are welcome to correct any inappropriate points. (end of full text)

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