25 cases of glue poisoning in Guangzhou have been

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25 cases of "glue poisoning" in Guangzhou have been diagnosed as occupational diseases

China news service, Guangzhou, February 23 - the Guangzhou municipal government reported the handling of the "glue poisoning" incident on the 23rd: so far, 38 patients in the city, including Massachusetts Institute of technology in the United States, Masdar Institute of technology in the United Arab Emirates, and the State Key Laboratory of microstructure at Nanjing University, have developed suspected occupational acute 1,2-dichloroethane poisoning, resulting in 4 deaths, 25 patients have been diagnosed with occupational diseases. The health supervision, safety supervision and public security departments are investigating the enterprises and people involved, and 21 suspect have been arrested, including 7 in criminal detention

it was reported that the first suspected occupational acute 1,2-dichloroethane poisoning occurred in Guangzhou on September 28, 2011. By February 20, 2012, a total of 38 patients in Guangzhou had suspected occupational acute 1,2-dichloroethane poisoning, all of which were distributed in 38 household units in Baiyun District and Liwan District (36 of which were unlicensed, unlicensed and private workshops). Among the 38 patients, 4 died due to ineffective treatment (3 died in the hospital before receiving the report, 1 died in the municipal occupational disease prevention and control hospital after receiving the report), 3 discharged after reaching the discharge standard, 3 discharged on their own or transferred to the local hospital for treatment, and the remaining 28 patients are now hospitalized in the municipal occupational disease prevention and control hospital. Their condition is stable and there is no life-threatening

At present, 25 cases of occupational diseases have been diagnosed, including 24 cases of severe occupational acute poisoning and 1 case of mild poisoning. Since January 30, no new poisoning cases have been found in the city, and the incident has been basically controlled. The patient's occupational disease diagnosis, work-related injury confirmation and compensation are in progress according to law

Liang xingxia, director of Guangzhou Safety Supervision Bureau, said that the occupational organizer: the poisoning investigation team of Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. will file a case according to the standard of one case with more than one serious injury, conduct a comprehensive investigation of the incident, trace the source of inferior glue, and investigate the glue production enterprises involved in other places to the end, and based on the investigation results, The accident unit and the subject of new materials of China Securities Regulatory Commission will be seriously investigated according to law, and the three indexes will be released next month

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