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Analysis of thermoforming plastic cup packaging equipment

in recent years, within the scope of (3) Poisson's ratio worldwide, thermoforming plastic cup packaging machines (i.e. packaging machines integrating cup making, labeling, filling, heat sealing and cutting) have made many important advances in technology, and the cost of thermoforming plastic cup packaging is very low, which has obvious advantages compared with other packaging forms, and has been more and more widely used, The main reasons are as follows:

1 Combined with labeling (circumferential or lateral labeling) technology, the decoration effect of product packaging is greatly improved, which is very conducive to product sales

2. The application scope of this kind of packaging machine continues to expand, and thermoformed plastic cup packaging machines are also used in many new fields, such as long-term yogurt, lactic acid drinks, student milk, baby food, etc

3. With the progress in "green" and "environmental protection" of thermoforming plastic cup packaging machine, it is constantly replacing other packaging forms and gaining greater development opportunities

4. The thermoforming plastic cup packaging machine can be "customized" according to the unique requirements of customers for products, and can meet the specific requirements of customers in the most economical way

as a well-known supplier of packaging machinery in the dairy industry, the technical progress of German hisia company is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

German hisia company and the FDA Committee jointly developed the sterile plastic cup packaging technology, and used steam as the sterilization medium to truly achieve "green", "environmental protection" and "pollution-free" for nearly two years. At the same time, hisia has also developed the manufacturing technology of combining plastic cups and plastic bottles, so that one equipment can make both cups (such as conventional plastic cup packaging) and bottles. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, and its typical model is the THM multi-purpose machine of hisia

the technical characteristics of THM yogurt filling machine of hisia company are:

1 Supply of packaging materials

the uniquely designed packaging material supply device enables the maximum diameter of packaging materials to reach 1200mm. The pre stretching device and tension adjusting roller ensure the stable and balanced feeding of packaging materials

2. The preheating of the packaging material

the contact annular heating plate makes the heat evenly distributed. The heating plate can accurately locate and control the temperature, and only heat the forming area, so as to avoid the deformation of the sealing area and ensure high-quality sealing effect. In addition, the packaging material feeding system in the subsequent process can always be in an accurate working state

3. Plastic cup molding

during molding, the upper die driven by the servo motor first pre stretches the preheated packaging material to make the thickness of the cup bottom and the cup wall uniform, and the final molding is completed by sterile compressed air

4. Cup lid opening methods

different cup lid opening methods can be designed according to the needs of users and the characteristics of packaging materials. For example, a section of the cup cover can be left unsealed

5. Filling system

the filling system has the following characteristics: precision process, accurate filling, diversified design, and easy operation. It can solve the filling problem of various products with different characteristics and meet various packaging needs

the intelligent servo driven plunger filler is equipped with membrane control valve, which can achieve satisfactory filling effect even if the viscosity and temperature of the product change in a large range

diversified feeding methods and the design of filling head can meet a wide range of packaging needs. For materials containing particles, the uniquely designed device will cut off the materials after each filling to empty the filling head, so as to ensure that the products will not contact the sealing area

the CIP and steam sterilization SIP system are automatically cleaned in place, which greatly shortens the time of converting packaged products and avoids the operator from contacting corrosive drugs

please take out the spare fuse for filling, and the quantitative adjustment can be carried out continuously, which is realized by the promecon-h PLC microcomputer system of hisia

6. The printing or code spraying of the logo on the cup cover can be accurately positioned on the cup cover by a proprietary mechanism

7. Feed of cup cover material

the feed of cup cover material includes a pre stretching device, and the maximum diameter of the coil is 400mm

8. Heat sealing

because the temperature and pressure of heat sealing can be accurately adjusted, it can achieve uniform and ideal heat sealing effect. When the machine stops running for a short time, the heat sealing plate will be cooled, so the radiation waste heat will not affect the product and sealing area

9. Driving of packaging materials

a clamp driver driven by an independent electromechanical servo device controls the acceleration or deceleration of packaging materials. The parameters of various packaging materials and products are stored in the computer. Therefore, the machine runs at the highest speed and can also ensure uniform heat sealing quality

10. Cutting of plastic cups

the multi-functional cutting tool can be divided into several forms, such as single cup, double cup, quadruple cup or six cup, and the transformation of the cutting form can be completed in only a few seconds. The cutting tool can minimize the amount of waste, and only the star between the two cups and the two small thin edges are not used. At the same time, the equipment also includes a device to generate break-line (pre cut or perforated, easy to break)

11. The control mode of man-machine dialogue

promecon-h PLC microcomputer system used by hisia is specially designed for packaging machines, and other types of control systems can also be configured according to the needs of users. In order to realize fast conversion of products or packaging materials, a large number of programmed programs are stored in the memory. Operating the keyboard makes the adjustment and storage of production parameters particularly convenient and flexible. The pure language display on the display screen is clear. And equipped with a printer, which can print out various production data

12. Labeling system

labeling system can provide both circular labeling system and exquisite side labeling system

hiseas' new technology can ensure that products with multiple flavors can be filled at the same time when making cups or bottles, and different labels can be pasted at the same time. The European market shows that such products have great appeal to children and adolescents. If it is necessary to extend the shelf life of products, hiseas can provide additional UVC sterilization devices and sterile protection channels, as well as completely sterile plastic cup forming and filling equipment

hisia THM yogurt filling machine adopts steam sterilization. Compared with other aseptic packaging technologies using hydrogen peroxide as sterilization medium, it has the following advantages:

● pure natural steam replaces hydrogen peroxide for sterilization, without any pollution to the environment

● there is no need to worry about the impact of sterilization medium residue on product color, flavor, quality and consumers

● low operation cost

● sterilization efficiency up to 106

at present, the thermoforming plastic cup packaging machine is also mainly used for the packaging of conventional yogurt. However, with the development of the domestic yogurt Market and the continuous emergence of new products, new sterile plastic cup packaging will gradually enter the Chinese market, providing more advanced packaging technology for Chinese dairy enterprises. (end)

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