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Analysis of the situation of plastic packaging materials industry (6)

IV. existing problems and Countermeasures

1. Repeated introduction and repeated construction of products are the same

Plastic packaging materials are currently facing many difficulties and contradictions, the most prominent of which is repeated introduction, repeated construction and similar products. Take biaxially stretched film as an example, the repeated introduction of BOPP is the most serious. From the late 1970s to the late 1990s, 31 Enterprises in 16 provinces and cities across the country introduced 37 BOPP film production lines, with an annual production capacity of 127000 tons, which changed the face of the domestic blank. The single line production capacity is 3000 ~ 6000 tons, the line speed is 150 ~ 200m/min, and the width is 4.2m, making a positive contribution to the development of the plastic packaging industry, The production of plastic packaging materials increased from 191000 tons in 1980 to 1.07 million tons in 1990, a five fold increase in ten years. From 1991 to the end of 1999, a total of 33 BOPP production lines were introduced, with a single line capacity of 6000 ~ 10000 tons, a width of more than 6m and a line speed of more than 250m/min. thus, by the end of 1999, 46 production enterprises had been introduced, with a total of 70 production lines, a production capacity of 400000 tons and an output of 300000 tons. From 2000 to 2002, this overheating phenomenon did not decline in three years, forming a new round of introduction and reaching a new climax. In these three years, a total of 20 production lines were introduced, of which 20 have been signed and arrived in 2003-2004, which made the production capacity soar to 700000 tons. The actual production in 2002 was 500000 tons. The BOPP capacity is expected after all these projects are put into operation. It will exceed 1million tons. The characteristics of this stage of development are: under the new situation of the development of the tenth five year plan, combined with the international application of BODp film, it is developing in the direction of diversification, high quality and asymmetric composite. Under the promotion of giving full play to the new packaging materials, it introduces the contemporary advanced technology level, with the speed level of 350-400m/min, the width of 8.2m, the annual production capacity of 25000-30000 tons, and some enterprises introduce it on double lines, The production capacity of one-time operation is about 60000 tons. It can be seen that the upsurge of repeated introduction has not cooled down, which is worthy of attention

at present, the market supply of BOPP film exceeds the demand, the market is saturated, and the ordinary medium and low-grade products are relatively surplus, resulting in disorderly competition in the market. Cross industry collaborative innovation is also needed to realize the promotion of products by lowering the price. In the first half of this year, it is even worse. The sales price is 23% lower than that of last year, and some are below the cost price, only 8300 yuan/ton, while the raw material price is 7300 yuan/ton, resulting in poor enterprise benefits, Even there are losses and unable to repay the due loans, which are in a very difficult situation. However, in the face of such a severe situation, some enterprises still ignore the risks and try their best to expand the scale because such problems cannot be found through direct inspection. This year, the momentum of blind introduction has not decreased, especially in the southeast coastal areas, they have signed 10 production lines with Bruckner of Germany and Mitsubishi of Japan respectively, BOPP equipment with an annual production capacity of nearly 200000 tons (individual enterprises signed four production lines at one go). By next year, all the heroes will dominate and compete for market share, and the situation will be hot. For such disorderly and out of control BOPP film competition will be white hot, and the victims must be manufacturers, just like the phenomenon that occurred in the household appliance industry that produced refrigerators, air conditioners and color TVs a few years ago. This is the serious consequences of repeated construction and blind introduction. It is worth learning a lesson and making prudent decisions

therefore, the top priority for the BOPP industry is to do a good job in market development and study the consumption of BOPP film in the Chinese market? According to the research report published by the world AMI consulting company, the consumption of BOPP film in the world in 2002 was 3million tons, which is predicted to be 5.7 million tons by 2010, while the consumption in the Chinese market is 1million tons. From the current situation, the application market of BOPP in China mainly predicts the demand in the following aspects:

Product 2000 should be clear about the main experimental methods of spring testing machine: through the deformation force measurement value year (10000 tons) 2008 (10000 tons) printing, compounding, coating optical film 3041 adhesive tape 57 pearlescent film 57.5 smoke film 78.5 capacitance film 0.81.4 metallized film 1.52.2 special mold 12.5, a total of 50.370.1 can be seen from the above table, At present, the way out for enterprises is not only to strengthen management, reduce costs, improve quality, but also to strive to develop new products and produce multi-functional special films, such as smoke film, extinction film, pearlescent film, aluminized film, antibacterial film, etc; Efforts should be made to develop export channels and sell films abroad

after all 110 lines are put into operation, the production capacity of the equipment will reach 1million tons. Therefore, in the next few years, the introduction of equipment should be more cautious. The investment of a set of equipment is nearly 180million yuan. If the market demand changes, it will cause more serious economic losses. Over the years, relevant government departments, industry associations, newspapers and magazines have published articles to guide and prevent overheating, but it has never been successful. Why? I think one is the need of the market, the other is the attraction of benefits. BOPP belongs to a large quantity and a wide range. It has a wide range of markets. With the rapid development of the market economy, the demand for food packaging, tobacco packaging, adhesive tape industry, stationery and capacitor film is increasing year by year. The raw materials for BOPP production are low-priced (compared with nylon polyester), and the price of film is 1-2 times that of raw materials, which has considerable benefits, stimulating the rapid development of BOPP. Therefore, despite the administrative policy restrictions on imports, they are still constantly introduced. The imports with various patterns are coming in with a variety of new packaging materials, new transparent packaging, new synchronous stretching, new medicinal materials packaging and so on. At the same time, after China's entry into the WTO, many foreign and Taiwan businessmen have taken a fancy to the Chinese market. There are more than a dozen lines of wholly foreign-owned BOPP plants, which will make the domestic market competition more intense. The market principle of survival of the fittest will be a new test for the old BOPP enterprises. No one can do it alone without a branch. Only by scouring the sand in the big waves and daring to swim can we stand firm. Only by taking the development direction of scale, specialization and serialization can enterprises compete with the international market and remain invincible

however, as everyone knows, it is helpless to violate the law of market economic value. The invisible hand will still kill some enterprises or stop some production lines. At that time, the loss of hundreds of millions or even billions of wealth will be inevitable, and it is bound to happen sooner or later

for this reason, we have to appeal loudly: the wind of repeated introduction of BOPP production line should be stopped! It is suggested that relevant state departments, customs, banks, etc. should take strong measures to prevent blind repeated introduction

2. The contradiction between the recycling management and recycling technology of plastic packaging waste and social environmental protection is prominent

with the increase of plastic packaging waste, especially primary packaging materials and foam lunch boxes, it has become a major problem in urban and rural environmental governance. There is still a lack of perfect methods for waste recycling management, and the reuse technology is in the development stage, which is not yet fully mature. Therefore, treating this problem scientifically has become an important topic for the production and development of plastic packaging enterprises

most plastic packaging materials are used for food and beverage packaging, so the health and safety of plastics are closely related to the health of consumers. In recent years, the Ministry of health, Prepared by the National Bureau of standards and relevant departments Ding has issued some health and safety standards for plastic materials, such as hygienic inspection methods for PP resin of food packaging materials, hygienic standards for PE, PP and PS molded products, professional standards for calendered PVC hard films for food, provisional hygienic standards and inspection methods for PVC, etc., but this work needs to be strengthened and improved, and there must be some specific measures to implement the standards and a management organization to strengthen the implementation, supervise the implementation, and ensure the interests of consumers Benefits

in addition, with the changes of food structure and commodity circulation in China, the results show that plastic packaging materials, especially disposable packaging materials, will enter the market more quickly, and the subsequent problem will be the disposal of waste packaging materials. Otherwise, discarded plastic packaging containers, bottles, waste films, bags and other places will inevitably cause social hazards and environmental pollution. Formulate the recycling and treatment methods of waste plastics as soon as possible and vigorously study efficient recycling technologies and equipment suitable for national conditions. In addition, in today's life, some disposable packaging materials are dirty and difficult to collect. In order to reduce pollution, degradable plastics are recommended for these products. Therefore, the subject of degradable plastic packaging materials should also be included in the national scientific research plan, and it is very necessary to carry out technological development

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