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Shaving and grinding process analysis

there are two main methods for gear finishing: shaving and grinding. Shaving shall be carried out before heat treatment, and grinding shall be carried out after heat treatment. In recent years, gear grinding accuracy, efficiency and various functions have reached a very high level. The fuselage of new ceramics and CB is 5.5mn longer than that of 787 (9) aircraft. The use of grinding wheel has made a great contribution to form grinding and generative grinding

comparison between shaving process and grinding process

gear manufacturers have always focused on improving the quality of the whole gear, so they rely entirely on gear grinding. This processing technology ensures that the accuracy of gear processing is almost perfect. Unfortunately, the operating expenses and investment value are very high

thanks to the advanced CNC shaving cutter grinding machine (Figure), now we can complete the grinding of all kinds of shaving cutters in dozens of minutes. The shaving machine tool controls all actions through programs. However, the quality of gears after heat treatment cannot be fully controlled, because quenching will cause gear deformation. It will have a significant impact on gears without symmetrical structure. Such gears are common in the transmission devices of vehicles and tractors used in industry and agriculture

gear shaver grinder s400g, manufactured by samputensili, Italy

gears for the automotive industry, especially those used in automatic transmissions. By controlling the shaving accuracy at level 5 and setting anti deformation measures for shaving, the heat treatment deformation is minimized, thus stabilizing the finished size of the gear

advantages of gear shaving processing technology

◆ improve the accuracy of tooth direction 2, 3 DIN grades

◆ improve the accuracy of tooth profile 2, 3 Dominik Beckman, global director of marketing and innovation management of Benecke kaliko company under dcontitech group, said that in grade

◆ improve the accuracy of tooth pitch 1, 2 din grades

◆ the surface roughness of shaving is close to the surface roughness of grinding (ra= 0, 6 microns)

◆ gears with 5-level accuracy (DIN 3962) can be obtained through careful pre shaving and shaving processing

Random automatic detection (without disassembling the workpiece)

the theoretical tooth direction will be different from the actual measured tooth direction. Through shaving processing technology, shaving parameters and various effects of special shaving cutter, the ideal gear tooth direction is achieved to reduce noise. It can process gears of the same quality with the low-cost shaving process, which is equivalent to the high-cost grinding process

for example, planetary gears used in automatic transmission can be ground in about one minute to obtain 5 DIN grade gears. Gears of the same grade can be obtained by shaving, and the processing time is less than that of general grinding. Shaving requires only one machine tool, while grinding requires three

before choosing to grind gears, all costs and profits should be estimated. Gear shaving technology can replace grinding in the application range of din5 to DIN8 grades

gear trains that transmit great torque, such as heavy trucks, tractors and agricultural machinery, are currently formed and ground. Form grinding makes the root of the gear smooth transition, the gear itself becomes stronger, and the risk of gear beating is minimized. Therefore, gears with large modulus (mm) are mainly ground

but some gears cannot be ground. For example, the number of small teeth connected to the big gear or the gear with shoulder, synchronizer and other parts

Figure 3 shows the shaving processing of the two shafts of the gearbox. Shaving gears are mainly used in the transmission of vehicles. The two speed gear on its right side cannot be ground and must be shaved. Generally speaking, all gears processed with gear shapers cannot be ground

shaving shaft gear workpiece

in recent years, a new process - internal honing process has developed rapidly. When there are many materials removed, CBN grinding wheel can be used for honing. This processing method removes few metal materials, and the honing error of honing gear is 4 Vickers hardness (HV) difference should not be very large. However, the price of grinding wheel is very expensive. If the deformation caused by heat treatment is large, in order to facilitate the removal of materials, more allowance should be removed with shaving with deformation compensation before heat treatment, and the deformation of heat treatment should be effectively reduced, which will help honing after heat treatment

when shaving, there is not much material to cut, the cutting speed is not high, and the pressure on the cutting edge of the tool is not large. Therefore, it turns to improve the side roughness of the shaving groove. The current CNC grooving machine has greatly improved the machined surface roughness of the side of the shaving cutter chip holding groove. Japan has conducted experiments in this area to study the cryogenic treatment of liquefied nitrogen after heat treatment. This processing method changes the characteristics of razor material, increases the average service life, and improves the performance of shaving cutter

gear shaving machine tools continue to develop, and the technology is becoming more and more perfect. Nowadays, shaving machine tools can perform various shaving processing procedures, such as axial shaving, diagonal shaving, tangential shaving, and radial shaving. And in the shaving process of the same gear, from one shaving method to another. Special technological processes are realized by digital control. The advantage of numerical control shaving lies in the control of cutting speed, radial feed, stroke and other parameters in the shaving process, and the feed amount, cutting speed, stroke length and other parameters can be changed in the shaving process. All these are convenient for us to choose different processing conditions. In addition to the above standard shaving methods, you can also choose the specific processes listed below:

1 Progressive diagonal cycle

2 Discontinuous diagonal cycle

3 Mixed cycle

4 Twin linked cycle

progressive diagonal shaving

when shaving diagonally, the drum shape that may occur in the tooth direction is realized by the swing of the workbench around the center. This action is realized by swinging around the x-axis and is completed under the control of the computer. x. The coordinated movement of the three axes of Y and W can cause a drum shape or form a cone angle on both sides of the gear

if the drum shape is quite large, the material to be cut is excessive, and the gear needs to be swung and shaved for many times, the number of swings of the X axis can be set so that the material at both ends can be cut gradually

mixed shaving

radial shaving takes less time than tangential shaving, but the surface is rough. The solution is to carry out radial cutting, cut a large amount of allowance, and then carry out axial and diagonal gear shaving to realize finish machining. The shaving results of short shaving time and good shaving surface quality are achieved

discontinuous diagonal shaving cycle and double shaving

these two special processes can obtain tooth direction correction. For example, the machining procedure is divided into three sections by discontinuous diagonal shaving, and different drum shape and taper requirements are formulated according to the specific machining standards of each machine adopting electro-hydraulic servo section

it is easy to obtain the tooth direction correction of special and asymmetric convex shape, so that the anti deformation tooth shape corresponding to the deformation that may occur during quenching can be processed, so as to change the meshing condition of gears and reduce the noise of gear meshing

Italy's samp company, one of the world's leading manufacturers of gear cutters and machine tools, has a high market share. In May 2005, it established a joint venture for the production of gear cutters - Shangyou machine tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shangyou"), which is jointly invested by Italy's samp company and Shanghai Tool Factory Co., Ltd., one of China's largest tool manufacturers. Mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of machine tools and related technical services. Samputensili was founded in 1949. Its main products are gear cutting tools and machine tools. At present, it has established manufacturing bases in Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, the United States, South Korea, Shanghai, China and other places. In order to ensure the global supply of products, samputensili has set up tool service centers and agencies around the world, and has become one of the three major gear tool and machine tool manufacturers in the world

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