The world's first rubber rebound car is no longer

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The world's first rubber rebound car, the crash is no longer injured, and you can drive a bumper car.

with the increasing number of cars on the road, traffic accidents also occur more frequently. After all, there is no good fruit to eat when you hit such a big iron pimple

a few days ago, the lithium salt expansion project of fengjiangsu baozhongbaoda, Jiangxi hezong lithium industry, jiangteyin lithium and other enterprises was completed and put into operation. Tian synthetic company proposed a high-tech concept car. The body is a deformable polymer material, and it will rebound when it collides. It is almost full of airbags and safety levers

at this year's Tokyo auto show, Toyota synthetic, a Japanese company specializing in rubber, plastic and led, launched its concept car flesby, which attracted many eyeballs

this is not only because it looks like a green turtle, but also because of its unique shape. Its strength lies in the polymer materials it is covered with.

these soft and deformable electronic rubbers cover all parts of the car body, which can change the strength and shape of the car body in time according to the driving state and the external environment

when driving, it will deform into a more strict shape for environmental protection supervision of enterprises with less air assistance, and once a collision occurs, it will immediately expand and rebound to reduce injury

in addition, it can display various information through integrated LED lights, and the sub body displays left turn parking and other information, so as to communicate with other drivers or pedestrians around

it can be said that this is really a very safe car

however, at present, flesby is still in the conceptual stage. It is reported that it will not be mass produced until 2030 at the fastest, and the development of materials must continue

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